Values List

Have a look through this list to identify some of the things that are important to you. Can you think of any others? Please let us know, so that we can improve the list.

Adventure Turn on Be imaginative
Risk Unstick others Be original
The unknown Coach Conceive
Thrill Spark Plan
Danger Encourage Build
Speculation Influence Perfect
Dare Stimulate Assemble
Gamble Energise Inspire
Endeavour Alter Discover
Quest Contribute Learn
Experiment Serve Detect
Be exhilarated Improve Perceive
Venture Augment Locate
Create beauty Endow Realize
Embody grace Strengthen Uncover
Express refinement Facilitate Discern
Embody elegance Minister to Distinguish
Exude radiance Grant Observe
Experience magnificence Provide Feel
Experience gloriousness Foster Experience
Have taste Assist Emote
Catalyse Create Sense
Have impact Design Glow
Move forward Invent Feel good
Touch Synthesise Experience energy flow
Lead Experience sensuality Be awake
Guide Experience bliss Relate with God
Inspire Be amused Be devoted
Influence Be entertained Be holy
Cause Play games Be honouring
Arouse Enjoy sports Be passionate
Enrol Relate Be religious
Reign Be connected Teach
Govern Be part of community Educate
Rule Be part of family Instruct
Persuade Unite Enlighten
Model Nurture Inform
Embody mastery Be linked Prepare
Be expert Be bonded Edify
Dominate field Be integrated Prime
Be adept Be with Uplift
Be superior Be sensitive Explain
Hold primacy Express tenderness Win
Hold pre-eminence Perceive Prevail
Be the greatest Be present Accomplish
Be the best Empathise Attain
Outdo Support Score
Set standards Show compassion Acquire
Embody excellence Respond Win over
Give pleasure See Triumph
Have fun Be spiritual Predominate
Experience hedonism Be aware Attract
Experience sex Be accepting