Project Management for Dummies

project management training workshop modules

Project management has become a critical management skill for those who must successfully manage projects to move ahead in their careers.

A project is a temporary undertaking performed to produce a unique product, service or result. Projects of all types and sizes have become the standard way of achieving development and implementing change.

Project Management for Dummies is a one-week course based on the excellent book of the same name, supplemented with creativity, strategic thinking and decision making processes from Brefi Group's own rich resource base.

The programme introduces project planning and management in a simple and linear way through activities and a detailed 100-page workbook. It requires purchase of individual copies of the source text for copyright reasons.

Brefi Group provides a range of customised workshops for managers, directors and boards using proven modules to suit individual and corporate needs.

Key reasons why managers benefit from learning together

  • Clarifying roles and boundaries
  • Improving relationships
  • Developing leadership
  • Improved technical skills
  • Improving strategic thinking and long term planning
  • Establishing shared values and a common language

Project management training modules

We design each of our courses to meet the individual needs of our clients. The modules below have been delivered to fill a whole week of training. However, shorter or more comprehensive courses can be created using these modules and other resources from our archive. Alternatively, we can license these materials and others for use by trainers in their own organisation.

Here is a list of sessions suitable for project management courses

  • What is project management?
  • Project management processes
  • Role of a project manager
  • Ten reasons for failure
  • Defining the project
  • Ten questions to ask as you plan your project
  • Project Charter
  • Stakeholders
  • Product-led or product-based approach
  • Stages (phases)
  • Workflow Diagram
  • Activity Network Diagram
  • Gantt Charts
  • Scenario planning
  • SWOT and PEST Analysis
  • Brainstorming
  • Pareto Principle (80:20 Rule)
  • Force field analysis – balanced forces
  • SMART objectives
  • Stakeholder management
  • Terms of reference
  • Determining resource needs
  • Developing the human resource plan
  • Costs and budgets
  • Prioritising
  • Estimating techniques
  • Feature article – Project estimating
  • Risk and uncertainty
  • Techniques for risk analysis
  • Decision trees
  • Risk management plan
  • Organisational structure
  • Belbin Team Roles
  • Wealth Dynamics
  • Responsibility and delegation
  • Stakeholder management
  • Communications management plan
  • Managing and monitoring progress
  • Ten tips for writing a convincing business case
  • Producing a business case
  • Project closure
  • Ten tips for becoming a better project manager

Find out more about project management training workshops

Regular training and facilitated awaydays contribute significantly to the effectiveness of any team.

facilitation of awaydays and corporate retreatsBrefi Group possesses a unique combination of proven resources, professional skills and human qualities required for supporting managers, directors and boards, whether they be in commercial or public organisations or running a small company.

We would be delighted to create a customised project management training workshop drawing upon these modules, or creating special sessions in partnership with you. Alternatively, we can license materials for use in your own organisation or training business.

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Licensing opportunity

Are you a trainer or a training department who would like to be able to deliver powerful training programmes without having to duplicate the research, design and materials development that we have already done? Workbooks and Powerpoint presentations can be licensed from Brefi Group for use in your own organisation or with your clients.

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