Negotiation skills training

trainingWhilst there are many strategies for negotiating, we subscribe only to those with a win-win objective.

Negotiating a win-win outcome

To obtain a win-win outcome it is necessary to understand both your own beliefs, values and objectives and those of the other party. So, the skills that support negotiation success are important life and social skills. They include: –

  • listening
  • seeing things from other people's point of view
  • checking out beliefs and assumptions (of both sides!)
  • identifying areas of agreement
  • identifying points of leverage and blockages
  • lateral thinking to find other ways of achieving an objective
  • flexibility and sensitivity

How do you learn to negotiate?

These skills are learned by experience. They are not about tactics; rather about ways of thinking. We can teach them in a workshop environment – or we can coach individuals and teams in real negotiations.

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