Overview of the Investors in People national standard

trainingThe Investors in People standard provides a framework for improving business performance and competitiveness, through a planned approach to setting and communicating business objectives and developing people to meet these objectives. The result is that what people can do and are motivated to do, matches what the organisation needs them to do.

The standard draws on the experience of come of the UK?s most successful organisations both large and small. It therefore provides a comprehensive benchmark of best practice against which an organisation can audit its policies and practice in the development of people.

It assists in making effective use of all resources, by developing a culture of continuous improvement. This drives the organisation to higher levels of performance and enables it to manage competitively in the face of change.

The Investors in People standard is a cyclical process based on four key principles:

  • Commitment

  • Planning

  • Action

  • Evaluation

These four key principles are broken down into 12 indicators which provide benchmarks against which to assess an organisation?s practice.

The full standard can be found at the Investors in People web site.

The Investors in People scheme enables an organisation to improve the performance of its people and to develop their:

  • skills, knowledge and qualifications

  • motivation, commitment and loyalty

  • confidence

  • job satisfaction

  • career prospects

which leads to:

  • improved productivity and enhanced quality

  • greater staff motivation

  • better morale leading to reduced absenteeism and staff turnover

  • flexibility and response to change

Brefi Group uses the model as the basis for organisation development.

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