Management Training and Development

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Soft skills and management training suitable for application in different corporate and individual environments.

Our courses and development programmes are designed to achieve the maximum impact with the minimum disruption of normal work, or time away from base.

Learning is a natural, ongoing process that has structure, with both a natural and rational cycle. Natural learning processes centre around the development of unconscious competence. Rational learning processes centre around the development of conscious competence.

Brefi Group courses guide individuals and organisations from unconscious incompetence through conscious incompetence to conscious competence and eventually to unconscious competence. With examples and exercises we provide a link between the known to the unknown. As we introduce people to new cognitive maps, so they also get reference experiences to give these maps practical meaning.

Training Needs Analysis

A comprehensive training needs analysis is the basis for designing a cost effective management or talent development programme. This can incorporate a 360° feedback survey, or an analysis of current corporate needs. For senior individuals an intensive interview programme, including work shadowing can be justified...[more]

Investors in People

The United Kingdom's Investors in People standard provides a framework for improving business performance and competitiveness, through a planned approach to setting and communicating business objectives and developing people to meet these objectives. The result is that what people can do and are motivated to do, matches what the organisation needs them to do.

Career Development programmes

These intensive residential programmes are designed to introduce individuals to the reality of their new responsibilities, requiring greater levels of initiative, responsibility and leadership, with less structure and direction from above. They deal with skills, processes and identity, including values, goal setting and communication. ...[more]

Based on an NLP foundation course the programmes involve a mixture of discovery, self directed learning and group projects.

  • New managers programme
  • High fliers programme
  • New directors programme

Each programme includes learnings and exercises appropriate to the stage of development of the target audience. They are ideal for delivery in-house for large organisations or through professional associations, or as open courses...[more]

90-Minute Learning™

90-Minute Learning™ has been developed to provide training with the minimum disruption – and the maximum impact. Based on the principles of high performance coaching and using accelerated training methods, each 90-minute session is a high impact, high energy intervention...[more]

Individual workshops on your premises to suit your timetable can be assembled into the following comprehensive programmes delivered on a regular basis or – where time is available – with up to four modules a day.

  • Managing yourself
  • Managing operations
  • Managing people
  • Managing information
  • Managing finance
  • Corporate governance
  • Sales and marketing
  • Recruiting

BytesizeLearning™ is a free-standing or follow-up multi-media option that e-mails reminders, exercises and new content to the desktop every three days over a four week period, extending and reinforcing the learning, so that it increases rather than decreases with time.

A combination of 90-Minute Learning™ and BytesizeLearning™ modules brings a whole month's learning with less than two hours away from the desk...[more]

Self directed learning

Self directed, self managed learning is a way of creating a situation where learning is owned by the individual and aligned with organisational needs. Individuals take responsibility for decisions about their learning and working with others to achieve it...[more]

Brefi Group offers three models:-

  • Facilitated learning groups
  • Community learning
  • Self directed development programme

General training courses

Brefi Group also offers a range of general training courses and workshops that can form the basis of customised programmes for individual clients including [self directed learning]

Here are some of our readymade training programmes, from which we can design specific courses to suit individual client needs.

In addition, we can design and deliver courses and programmes to meet most standard management training needs. We have a substantial reference library of literature, programmes and competencies from which we can draw in order to ensure that we use and include the best international content.

What to do next

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Licensing opportunity

Are you a trainer or a training department who would like to be able to deliver powerful training programmes without having to duplicate the research, design and materials development that we have already done? Workbooks and Powerpoint presentations can be licensed from Brefi Group for use in your own organisation or with your clients.

To find out more, contact us.

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Brefi Group designs, develops and licenses coach training programmes for managers who wish to improve their leadership style and for individuals who wish to qualify as professional coaches.

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