Career Development programmes from Brefi Group

trainingThese intensive residential programmes are designed to introduce individuals to the reality of their new responsibilities, requiring greater levels of initiative, responsibility and leadership, with less structure and direction from above. They deal with skills, processes and identity, including values, goal setting and communication.

Based on an NLP foundation course the programmes involve a mixture of discovery, self directed learning and group projects.

Each programme includes learnings and exercises appropriate to the stage of development of the target audience. They are ideal for delivery in-house for large organisations or through professional associations, or as open courses.

We like to run these programmes in a country setting that allows us to integrate indoor learning with outdoor exercises, and we have experience of running them in different parts of the world (see the photo gallery). Often savings in the venue costs can compensate for air fares, and the journey adds to the overall impact of the course.

New managers programme

Becoming a manager is a major challenge in terms of personal identity and responsibilities. Whereas there are many management training programmes that provide classic management skills, this programme is an action learning event based on the concept of a Hero's Journey.

During a five day residential programme participants both learn communication and management skills and undertake personal and group projects, practical exercises and adventures that help them develop into fully fledged managers. They learn to take responsibility, develop strategy and communicate effectively.

High fliers programme

How do you invest in your high fliers? This programme is an opportunity to take your high fliers and put them together with others from your own organisation or on a public course to raise their aspirations and develop their potential. This programme is focused on personal development, to help every participant discover their own strengths and potential, and to develop the attitudes and communication skills that will enable them to flourish on their return to the workplace.

During the week they will have an opportunity to address and resolve personal issues, confront leadership challenges and work together in high performance teams. The programme ends with a series of group projects that can be presented to a senior member of the organisation.

New directors programme

Appointment as a director or equity partner represents a major change of career. Until now, executives and professionals have succeeded through their traditional qualifications and experience and gradually taking on more and more responsibility within a defined context. Suddenly they are faced not only with new legal responsibilities, but with a need to look out for the whole organisation - taking account of other departments, scanning the external environment for opportunities and developments and joining a new, elite, group at the top.

This programme is designed to help participants make these psychological changes, as well as introducing them to the skills, behaviours and responsibilities of board membership. [MORE]


Brefi Group designs, develops and licenses coach training programmes for managers who wish to improve their leadership style and for individuals who wish to qualify as professional coaches.

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