90-MinuteLearning™ from Brefi Group

Why is 90-MinuteLearning™ needed now?training

  • Organisations are finding it increasingly difficult to release people for training - and yet personal development is essential to maintain performance and attract and retain quality staff.
  • Traditional learning decays rapidly. Research has shown that up to 80% of learning can be lost very quickly if not reinforced and applied immediately.
  • Conventional training costs too much. The direct costs of conventional training programmes are further inflated by staff expenses and lost output.

With time and budget pressures, organisations need to be more sophisticated in their training strategy, with shorter more frequent interventions, application of accelerated learning techniques and use of e-learning. Formal training is best integrated into individualised personal development plans that can ensure that learning is available when needed and then quickly applied in the workplace.

Four weeks learning in less than two hours away from the desk

The Brefi Group approach recognises your constraints on releasing staff and combines accelerated learning delivery with multi-media e-learning to bring a whole month's learning with less than two hours away from the desk.

90-MinuteLearning™ has been developed to provide training with the minimum disruption - and the maximum impact. Based on the principles of high performance coaching and using accelerated training methods, each 90-minute session is a single high energy, high impact accelerated learning workshop that enables you to cover one competence at a time - thoroughly and in depth.

BytesizeLearning™ is a free-standing or follow-up multi-media option that sends reminders, exercises and new content to the desktop every three days over a four week period, extending and reinforcing the learning, so that it increases rather than decreases with time.

It allows your staff to learn in their own time, at their own pace, when it suits them - at the start or end of the day, or during a coffee break.

A combination of 90-Minute Learning™ and BytesizeLearning™ modules brings a whole month's learning with less than two hours away from the desk.

90-MinuteLearning™ and BytesizeLearning™ modules have been developed to achieve competencies in the following groups: -

  • Managing yourself
  • Managing operations
  • Managing people
  • Managing information
  • Managing finance
  • Corporate governance
  • Sales and marketing
  • Recruiting

Individual modules can be assembled into comprehensive programmes as part of corporate or personal development plans. The four-week cycle means that a series of, say, ten monthly events can deliver a continuous year-long development programme.

How does it work?

The whole 90-MinuteLearning™ event is completed within two hours - no longer than a typical business meeting - having minimal impact on normal working schedules and minimising lost time. The learning is then continued over the next four weeks by multi-media e-mail delivered to the desktop.

Accelerated Learning techniques ensure that staff learn with the most effective methods during the workshop and then reinforce and develop their learning at their own desk.

The combined 90-minuteLearning™ and BytesizeLearning™ approach gives great flexibility to training managers and HR departments. You can arrange just one workshop a day or up to four events catering for different groups - or you can combine modules to generate a full day's training for a single group.

Training Needs Analysis

Training needs analysis enables you to measure initial needs and monitor progress. BuddyCoach™ is a free or low cost on-line service for individuals to identify training needs and prepare personal development plans. Using standard questions based on competencies in personal effectiveness, managing communications, managing people, effective directorship and corporate culture an individual can obtain an analysis of personal strengths and development needs. CorporateFeedback™ is the corporate version that can be customised to an organisations corporate style and structure, can include corporate competencies and provides consolidated feedback to line managers and HR departments.

Both training needs analysis tools provide fully automated 360° feedback options.

An integrated accelerated learning approach

90-MinuteLearning™/BytesizeLearning™ provides maximum impact with minimum disruption, delivering specialised or generic training as required.

  • It's fast, flexible, innovative and focused
  • It's easier to find 90 minutes than a whole day
  • When you learn little and often, you remember and apply more
  • It costs a lot less
  • It's popular - people like to learn.


Brefi Group designs, develops and licenses coach training programmes for managers who wish to improve their leadership style and for individuals who wish to qualify as professional coaches.

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