The Stress-free Workplace in 50 years time

A poem written by pupils at Leechpool Lane School for Roffey Park Management Institute (in 1996)

The stress-free workplace,
It really could be true.
Work and pleasure rolled into one.
Read on, this could be you.

The main building is the workplace
The rest is to unwind.
The gym, the sauna, a restaurant,
Are pictures in my mind.

The gym a place to workout
Or badminton if you care,
A peace garden to wander round
No noise or hassle there.

A music area to express your thought
Or to calm any tension.
What a place this really is,
I could work there 'till my pension.

A creche to cater for the tiny tots
Their every need provided.
While you go off and do your work
In caring hands they're guided.

A restaurant to serve delicious meals
Or even just a snack.
A bar for drinks or to tell a joke,
There's nothing here we lack.

A conference room to discuss and plan.
A table with many places,
A lecture room to learn things new,
A theatre full of faces.

The stress free workplace,
It really could be true.
The idea of this is possible.
Your future's here, are you?

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