Space Ship Shortlist


This game can be used to teach decision making or negotiation skills, or to investigate attitudes to diversity and challenge stereotypes. It has been designed to alert participants to the danger of allowing prejudice and emotion to get into the way of negotiating a logical decision.

It can be played at several levels of emotional involvement.

The game

In this scenario, the world is faced with the possibility of an impending disruption that threatens to wipe out the human race. This could be a natural phenomenon caused by a volcanic eruption or meteor impact, or the result of military action.

However, there is a space ship available that could take 12 people out of danger and either take them to a new planet of return them to earth when the environment is once again able to sustain human life. Twelve people have already been selected, but technical problems have suddenly reduced the capacity to six. The space ship must take off in 30 or 60 minutes.

The purpose of the game is to decide which six should be able to fly. The exercise is very straightforward. The team(s) have to decide which selection of candidates will have the best chance of maintaining the human race. This depends on a breeding mix and the skills needed to survive time in space and then to set up a new community after they land.

At its simplest level a team has to decide within the given time. Played at another level, two or more teams have to decide and then negotiate a mutually agreed list.

The emotional level can be increased if there are twelve participants who each have to take on and defend the cause of one character on the list.

What you get

You get a description of the game, a handout master describing the 12 people who had been selected to join the spaceship and suggestions of learnings that might be extracted from the exercise.

You may copy these for use within your own organisation as long as you retain the copyright note.

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