Rigger Game Pack - a team construction game


This game can be used to help teams understand skills, behaviours and techniques that work in a high pressure situation. It aids communication and learning about managing practical problems. It is particularly useful for drawing out the differences between managing a project and managing routine work.

Rigger can be played at several levels of complexity and the game pack suggests many variations you could use.

The game

Teams of 3 - 6 work together to construct a model oil platform from the materials you supply. At the end you allow the teams to stress test their prototype and judge the results using a clear set of criteria including safety and cost.

Rigger can be run anywhere with a few easily available household materials and completed in 45 minutes to one hour.

Applications include: -

  • Team building
  • Project launch meetings
  • Forming new teams
  • Helping functional teams appreciate the bigger picture

Time: 45 mins to 1 hour

What you get

All training materials required for this exercise are provided in a downloadable .pdf file including: -

  • Facilitator's instructions on how to run the game
  • Team brief
  • Judging criteria and customer specification
  • Review questions and suggested learning points
  • Game variations
  • List of easily available household items to be obtained beforehand

You will be able to download the game pack as soon as payment has been accepted.

You may copy these materials for use within your own organization as long as you retain the copyright note.

You will need Acrobat Reader to view the forms.

If you would like us to develop and introduce a bespoke management game for your organisation, then contact us now.

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