A Perfect Match - 57 Coaching Questions for Interview Preparation

Introduction This 34 page guide and workbook is for coaches who work with clients who are preparing for a job interview. It is intended to be a stimulating addition to the coach's repertoire, ensuring that the coach will never be stuck for a coaching question again and the client will engage in the right sort of preparation in order to perform well at interview - to find that Perfect Match between their talents and their next job. It contains a list of questions for to work from with practical activities and examples of ways to work with client's responses plus 10 photocopiable exercises.

The questions cover:

  • Starter questions to warm-up and build rapport
  • Techniques to deal with fears, nerves, apprehensions and confidence issues
  • Self-marketing strategies
  • Clarifying personal attributes and values
  • Understanding personal impact - making and leaving a positive impression through verbal and non-verbal communication

The photocopiable exercises cover:

  • Corporate Culture Checklist
  • Compiling a Success Story
  • Self-marketing formula
  • Constructing an "Elevator Pitch"
  • Personal Values Check
  • Pre-interview PESTLE analysis
  • 16 prompts for key interview questions
  • Managing First Impressions Checklist
  • Post-interview Reflection Sheet

What you get

A 34 page workbook with 57 carefully crafted questions to use as prompts during preparation, supported by 10 photocopiable exercises to make the process even more powerful for the candidate ensuring that they approach the interview well-prepared, assured and confident that they are presenting themselves at their professional best.

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