New Ideas Toolkit - all you need to generate thousands of new ideas


Welcome to the New Ideas Toolkit, 20 pages of tools and techniques to help you generate thousands of new ideas.

Creativity comes from making new connections between diverse ideas, connections that have not been made before. By definition, therefore, this is very hard to do with the kind of list based, logical, convergent thinking that we use most of the time.

New ideas come from divergent thinking and it is often messy, random, non-linear and noisy. The tools in this toolkit will help you to indulge in this kind of messy, random, non-linear and noisy thinking that you need to do in order to make creative connections.

These techniques can be used with teams, boards, or on your own when you need a fresh perspective. They are suitable for a short intervention or a meeting held for the specific purpose of generating new ideas.

What you get

You get 20 pages of tools ranging from Classic Brainstorming to Morphological Matrices and beyond.

Each tool comes with clear instructions on how to use it along with suggestions for timing, materials and when it might be suitable. We've also added Power Tips based on our experience of using these tools to help groups generate ideas.

This toolkit will be a valuable reference guide and source of ideas for years to come.

You may copy these for use within your organisation as long as you retain the copyright note.

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