New Director's Induction Pack


Why do new directors need induction?

Induction provides new directors with the information they need to become as effective as possible in their role within the shortest practicable time.

Chairmen: it is your responsibility to ensure that new directors receive a full, formal and tailored induction on joining the board.

Company secretaries: it is your responsibility under the direction of your chairman to facilitate the induction of new directors – both executive and non-executive.

New directors: it is your responsibility to obtain the information you need to become as effective as possible in your role within the shortest practicable time.

All directors should receive induction on joining the board to obtain appropriate knowledge of the company and gain access to its operations and staff.

Induction should include:

  • Building an understanding of the nature of the company, its business and the markets in which it operates
  • Building a link with the company's people
  • Building an understanding of the company's main relationships.

The New Director's Induction Pack

The New Director's Induction Pack provides a ready made basis for launching a director into his/her new career.

This is what you get

Personally addressed mailing box containing:

  • My Personal CPD Record – A4 wire bound CPD year planner and record document
  • New Director's Induction Checklist
  • CPD Guide to Becoming a Director
  • CPD Guide to Roles & Responsibilities of Directors
  • CPD Guide to Corporate Governance
  • Checklists for Directors and Boards
  • Directors' Briefing newsletter
  • CDs – audio books and interviews

CPD for Directors

Why should all directors commit to continuing professional development?

The UK Corporate Governance Code requires all directors to regularly update and refresh their skills and knowledge. Your professional institute will also require you to undertake 30 hours a year of continuing professional development – and to keep a record of your CPD activities.

Upgrade now to the monthly CPD for Directors programme and receive the Induction Pack as an inclusive bonus.

CPD for Directors is a monthly programme delivered to your personal mailing address providing you with news, ideas and strategies to keep you up to date and develop your knowledge and skills while you drink your coffee ? or listen while travelling.

Each section is less than 20 minutes ? easy to digest and easy to fit in.

This is what you get – delivered to your door every month

  • the essential Directors' Briefing – newsletter dedicated to directors' needs
  • the next CPD Guide in the series (printed and audio versions)
  • CD with valuable interviews

– all easily digested in coffee breaks or while travelling.

CPD for Directors guarantees a convenient path to continuously developing your awareness, knowledge and skill as a director. You can subscribe monthly or annually.

CPD for Directors is included in the full annual Director's Induction Programme.

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