The New Directors Handbook

How to become more confident, more effective, more quickly

As you might have discovered, there is a big difference between being a senior manager and a member of a board.

Many directors struggle with this; it takes time to learn on the job.

Joining a board for the first time can be a big step. You need a different mindset, new skills, a new identity as you deal with changing relationships.

Suddenly, you are exposed to a new language, new ideas and new assumptions; some things not taught even on MBA courses.

The most common concerns have been shown to be:

  • Roles and responsibilities of directors
  • Memorandum & Articles
  • Strategy and business planning
  • Corporate governance

The New Directors Handbook has been written to deal with just these concerns – a primer for new directors and a reference for existing directors.

In this practical guide you find:

  • Everything you need to do as a director
  • How to run an effective meeting
  • How to understand finance and accounts
  • Strategy planning and decision making techniques
  • The difference between limited liability and director liability
  • How to protect yourself in case things go wrong

Reading The New Directors Handbook enables you to become more confident, more effective, more quickly so you can make an early contribution to the board and rapidly gain the respect of your peers.

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