A Manager's Introduction to Coaching

A manager's introduction to coaching is a comprehensive set of workshop notes for a full day or half day 'Introduction to Coaching' workshop. This well received in-house programme is now available to trainers, coaches, managers and HR professionals who want to introduce managers to the basics of coaching.

The workshop notes

Over 45 pages of comprehensive notes introduce the idea of coaching with exercises and practical advice. The workshop takes managers through an assessment of their style, introduces them to coaching and shows them how to begin coaching their team.

Session one:Introductions
Session two:What is Coaching?
Session three:How to Coach
Session four:Choosing Your Style
Session five:Rapid Fire Coaching
Session six:Reminders and References

What you get

You get a full set of workshop notes ready for you to adapt to your house style. The document is available in MS Word format and can be fully customised and edited to your needs.

You also get advice on how to create and run an Introduction To Coaching workshop with suggestions for extra material and further references.

You may copy, adapt and republish these notes for use within your organisation as long as you retain the copyright note.

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