Coaching on a Credit Card®

Multi-media e-course

Learn to think and act like a natural coach

The most subtle and effective coaching is invisible; the person being coached should not be conscious of being coached – just more aware of issues and options, more open to change.

The most important lesson in coaching is that the client knows what they need – even if they don't know that they know what they need!

That is why the fundamental coaching question is so powerful: -

"What would be the most useful question for me to ask you now?"

Not only is this really effective, but its use continuously reinforces the message that the client really does know best. This is the first step towards creating the mindset of a natural coach.

The more often you ask the question, the more examples of really good questions you will learn from real people in real situations.

Discover that coaching is so simple – the challenge is to accept the simplicity and then just do it!

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Coaching on a Credit Card® is an audio/video course based on the first workshop of the Invisible Coaching® three day course. It can be accessed from the Internet.

This free-standing course explores the fundamentals of coaching using a simple and powerful six step process that can be carried in a wallet or purse. As well as the Coaching on a Credit Card® process you will receive these individual presentations and exercises: Setting your own outcomes; Giving and receiving compliments; Putting coaching into context; Beliefs that support coaching; Active listening; Giving specific feedback.

This is what you will learn: -

  • When to coach and when it is not appropriate
  • How to unlock a person's potential to improve their own performance
  • That the client always knows what they need to answer
  • How to ask and listen, and to resist telling

This is what you will get: -

  • 20-page workbook
  • Videos of a live course
  • Additional video demonstrations
  • Instructions for exercises
  • Audio recordings of videos that you can play on your MP3 player

When you have mastered these simple powerful processes and learned to think and act like a natural coach, you will be able to guide yourself and others through problem issues and develop self-confidence and self esteem.

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