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Find out about books on coaching, director development and corporate governance published by Brefi Group.

New Directors Handbook
The New Directors Handbook

Joining a board enables you to make an enhanced contribution to the success of an organisation but it also involves responsibilities and risks. Where regulation and litigation are concerned, ignorance is not an excuse.

The New Directors Handbook introduces you to the roles, responsibilities and risks you should be aware of as a director, as well as providing you with essential tools to help you in your career.

  • Richard Winfield
  • Paperback book
  • �14.99
Corporate Coaching Masterclass
Corporate Coaching Masterclass series

This series draws on articles published in CorporateCoach together with new work specially commissioned for the series. Together, the titles comprise a resource for anyone interested in learning about coaching in a corporate context.

  • Stories from a Corporate Coach
  • Reflections of a Corporate Coach
  • Lessons from a Corporate Coach
  • Richard Winfield
  • Kindle and paperback books

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