Conference speakers and chairmen

keynote speakers, conferences and events

When organising a corporate event, management course or major function, let us provide you with a keynote speaker.

How often are you short of a conference speaker, an independent chairman or facilitator – or someone for a keynote address or a dinner or breakfast meeting?

With three decades of conference activity and a wide range of interests and contacts, Brefi Group is well placed to supply speakers and chairmen for conferences and corporate events.

Conference organisation and planning

We can also facilitate your programme design and put you in touch with our conference organisers and venue finders.

Find out more

We don't know whether you are already planning a major event or would like to learn more about what that would involve. You could contact us now. Or you could learn more about facilitation or explore more of the site and visit our photo gallery. Or you could contact our excellent venue finders, Combination Venues.

Or, of course, you could do nothing.

The choice is yours.


Brefi Group helps clients bring structure and clarity to their thinking. We help identify core issues and make the complex simple, holding the space for you to create your own solutions.

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