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Issue No. 68, 19th July 2004


  1. Editorial: Rest, recreation and a good clear out
  2. Coaching notes: Selecting a coach

1.     Editorial: Rest, recreation and a good clear out

Richard Winfield - editor and principal consultantThis week has seen the First Night of the Proms - a major BBC music season from the Albert Hall in London.

A major news feature has been the first use of the recently cleaned organ in the Albert Hall. After one hundred years, it has been dismantled and cleaned. 100 years of dust muffles the sound and the concern now is that the fresh, clean organ will be too loud and could harm people's ears!

I heard recently that mental decline is caused by a build up of plaque in the brain - waste products and cell detritus that is not cleared a way.

I have always thought in terms of the UK academic calendar which runs from September to July. The summer break giving a wonderful opportunity for rest and recreation and then a return to a new start inthe autumn. In academic terms this always meant a new class, a more advanced social position and learning at a higher level.

These days I don't expect to use the holiday period just for rest and recreation, but also for development work that I don't find time for during the busier commercial months. This summer we should finish the redesign of our web site and set in place the basis for launching several new products and some new business initiatives. Also, I am spending time meeting companies in other continents with a view to investigating joint ventures. My challenge is to ensure that I do set aside time for a complete break.

If organs and brains build up dust and rubbish, what about our organisations, our careers and our personal lives? A complete break is a good investment. Give your subconscious the time and space for a good clear out and an opportunity to process all the ideas you have collected over the last year. You will return refreshed and creative.

HOT NEWS: Another Straightforward Guide released

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We have also published two more products by Andrew Halfacre: A Manager's Introduction to Coaching, and a New Ideas Toolkit...[more]

2.    Coaching notes: Selecting a coach

I have been reading a report, "Coaching and Buying Coaching Services", published by the UK Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.

Here are some questions from the report which you could use when selecting a coach:

  • Does the coach have the experience, training and/or qualifications that are relevant to your needs?
  • Is the coach a member of a professional body that has a code of conduct and a complaints procedure?
    Is the coach able to articulate, simply, the coaching model they use and the process that they typically follow?
  • Is it appropriate to your needs?
  • Is the coach able to provide examples of the impact of previous coaching assignments?
  • Does the coach understand the purpose and boundaries of coaching?
  • Is the coach willing to work with HR and the manager in the coaching engagement?
  • Has the coach undergone formal, independently accredited training?
  • Is the coach able to provide evidence of continuing professional development?
  • What is the coach’s background? Are they familiar with how business works? Do they have experience at the right level?
  • Would the coach inspire trust and motivation in the individual?
  • Is the coach’s style aligned with organisational culture? Is it too flamboyant or conservative.
  • Are they credible? Would individuals take them seriously?
  • Does the coach have a coaching supervisor? How regularly do they meet?
  • Do they demonstrate flexibility in responding to your needs, and the needs of individuals
  • Do their fees represent value for money and fit in with the agreed budget?
  • Are they available to do the work in your planned timescale
  • Are they located for easy access to your organisation? If no, is this an issue?
  • Do they broadly fit coach profile you drew up?
  • Are there any areas for concern? Do you need to ask other questions?



Here are some dates when I shall be travelling to meet subscribers and potential business partners. If you would like to meet me, please contact me.

  • 22-28 July, Dubai, UAE - Crowne Plaza Hotel
  • 29-31 July, Mumbai, India - Taj Mahal Palace and Tower
  • 2-4 August, Singapore - Robertson Quay Hotel
  • 6-10 August, Melbourne, Australia
  • 19-22 Sydney, Australia

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