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Issue No. 66, 5th July 2004


  1. Editorial: A sense of community
  2. Coaching notes: practical applications of coaching

1.     Editorial: A sense of community

I have noticed an interesting phenomenon over the last few years. I like flags, and in the USA and Wales it is acceptable to fly your national flag. But until recently, if you flew an English, St George's, flag you were likely to be accused of being a member of the National Front - a nationalist, racist political party.

The last few weeks there has been a large proportion of the population driving around England with two such flags flying from the roof of their cars. There is football about and it is now more than acceptable to use the English flag to support your national team.

In addition, many people, male and female have been walking around in English football shirts. People want to belong to a community.

When I was at school it was normal to wear school uniforms but in the intervening years there has been a reaction against such threats to our individualism. However, some ten years ago I worked on a long contract for National Power at Pembroke Power Station. Our neighbour was a large Texaco oil refinery. Texaco staff were issued with branded jackets, which staff started to wear outside work. Our staff came in complaining that they did not have a uniform and so people did not know who they worked for. The first sprouts of a new mood.

So if people want to identify themselves with a community, what are you and your organisation doing to create an identity for your staff? How can you tap this need? And how might it improve morale and staff retention?

I am pleased to release another publication by Paul Fairhurst in his series of Straightforward guides - this one is for building confidence and increasing self esteem.


HOT NEWS: Another Straightforward Guide released

A straightforward Guide to Building Confidence and Increasing Self Esteem
One of the main things that holds people back from achieving everything that they are capable of is their own lack of confidence in themselves or their lack of self esteem.

The Straightforward Guide to Increasing Confidence and Self-esteem provides you with the tools and techniques to become more confident and feel better about yourself...[more]

2.    Coaching notes: Practical applications of coaching

It is less than three weeks until I fly to Dubai to present a course on mastering the skills of successful leadership through mentoring and coaching.

As part of the workbook for the course, I have included a list of practical applications of coaching within a corporate environment. I wonder whether you can add any more?

  • Individual and team performance improvement
  • Remedial coaching
  • High flier coaching
  • Career development and progression
  • Induction and promotion
  • Delegation
  • Presentation
  • Time management
  • Negotiation and mediation
  • Corporate strategy and retreats
  • Project launch and review/de-brief
  • Cultural change facilitation
  • Thresholds and transitions
  • Work/life balance

Types of coaching and delivery

  • Face to face - one-on-one
  • face to face - group and team facilitation
  • Work shadowing
  • Telephone coaching
  • E-mail and instant message coaching
  • Tele-classes
  • E-classes



Here are some dates when I shall be travelling to meet subscribers and potential business partners. If you would like to meet me, please contact me.

  • 22-28 July, Dubai, UAE
  • 29-31 July, Mumbai, India
  • 2-4 August, Singapore
  • 6-10 August, Melbourne, Australia
  • 19-22 Sydney, Australia

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