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Issue No. 20, 14th July 2003

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HOT NEWS: Sharon Drew Morgen to introduce Buying Facilitation® at London workshop. Come and join us.


  1. Editorial: Leading with BHAGs
  2. New Associate: Andrew Halfacre
  3. Tools notes: Seven ways to figure out what you want

1.     Editorial: Leading with BHAGs

I have been reading two books by Christopher Reeve (Still Me and Nothing is Impossible).

I had heard of Christopher Reeve as "some actor with a broken neck who foolishly thinks he will be able to walk". The books contradict this view. Reeve is a determined actor with a strong desire to learn. After a serious fall from his horse he broke his neck and became a paraplegic. For most people, this would have been the end of an active life. After three months their medical insurance would end and they would live out a subsistence existence. Reeve is different. His commitment to learning, his high profile and access to the highest in the land, and his fortunate wealth have enabled him to do what others could not.

When he issued his personal challenge it was not just to keep himself positive. It was the same as President Kennedy committing the USA to getting a man on the moon and back safely before the end of the decade.

"In my conversations with scientists working on repairing the damaged spinal cord, I?ve often repeated my desire to stand on my fiftieth birthday and drink a toast to everyone who has helped me. Whether or not this will actually happen is not really the point. My purpose has been to start a ticking clock that might help motivate everyone working in the field. This strategy seems to have had a powerful effect. A leading investigator stated that up until a few years ago there was some sort of breakthrough about once a year but that important new discoveries are now being made around twice a month." In fact Reeve has passed his deadline without being able to stand. However, he has made enormous progress himself in ways that were previously believed to be impossible and has regained significant muscle control.

More significantly, he has challenged and changed the laws and budgets of his country and stimulated research. There is a real possibility that he will achieve his personal aim.

In their book Built to Last, Collins and Porras suggest that the first method of preserving the core and stimulating progress that distinguishes visionary companies from the comparison companies is the setting of Big Hairy Audacious Goals (BHAGs) - commitment to challenging, audacious goals and projects toward which a visionary company channels its efforts.

Christopher Reeve?s books are a joy for anyone interested in personal development. They also generate great respect for someone who not only survived against all odds, but commits himself to several hours a day of hard exercise and is prepared to take risks to travel and promote his cause.

One aspect of leadership is the ability to stimulate, stretch and motive a team. Another is to be prepared to support it by example. "What BHAG would make the most difference in your business or personal life?"

HOT NEWS: Sharon Drew Morgen is to introduce Buying Facilitation® at an open event in London.

Sharon Drew Morgen will introduce Buying Facilitation in London

Sharon Drew, the author of Sales on the Line. and Selling with Integrity, is making a whistle stop visit to London in July and will introduce her latest thinking on Buying Facilitation® at a single open event sponsored by Brefi Group.
Wednesday 23 July. 18.00 to 20.00, Rembrandt Hotel, Knightsbridge

Buying Facilitation® is a decision-facilitation tool aimed at helping buyers decide quickly, creating trust and collaboration between seller and buyer, and dramatically reducing the sales cycle – different from a sales tool that helps sellers sell.

You can also order a print-out of her new e-book Buying Facilitation: The New Way to Sell that Influences & Expands Decisions at 20% discount and save VAT and the download time.

Click here for more information or click here to book.

3.     New associate: Andrew Halfacre

Andrew Halfacre - Brefi Group associate

We are pleased to welcome Andrew Halfacre as an independent associate. Andrew has over 18 years successful experience in business management. He worked in the utility industry during the change from public to private ownership and led significant integration projects following two major acquisitions. His work as a coach and trainer is supported by experience "at the coal face" managing teams, running cross-functional projects and making direct marketing pay.

He holds an MBA and is a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing. He is also a certified Master Practitioner of NLP and Time Line Therapy™ with memberships of the ANLP and the American Board of Hypnotherapy.

Andrew lives lives in Essex and will be working with our London team as well as concentrating on East Anglia.

4.     Tools notes: Seven ways to figure out what your want

Andrew Halfacre has developed a workbook Seven Ways to Figure Out What You Want This workbook is for everyone who struggles to figure out what they really want. It is designed for individual use but is also suitable for group work, and is the basis for a workshop that Andrew runs.

This 23 page workbook is for those who would like to find out what they really want; or those who know what they want and would like to check.

It contains seven straightforward exercises designed to stimulate your thinking and start the process of deciding what is really important to you.

The exercises cover:

  • Starting small
  • Deciding what you don?t want
  • Making your wishes come true
  • Scoring your life
  • Using the time remaining
  • Paying attention to your senses
  • Following your joy

One of the easiest ways to begin to find out what you want is to start small. What do you want to happen next week? What do you want from this weekend? What do you want from your next meeting, phone call or conversation? What do you want from this afternoon? What do you want from the next 10 minutes?

Even if you have no idea what you really want in life, you probably have some idea what you want from this evening or from your next meal. Were you ever told "I want doesn't get!" by some well-meaning adult? If so, they did you a grave disservice because the only way to get what you want is to start by thinking about what you want and then express it as, "I want?"

Always have an outcome or a goal, whatever you are doing.

If you think about what you want and check on your progress towards it, then you massively increase your chances of getting it.

Asking yourself "What do I want?" is a good habit that may feel uncomfortable at first but you'll get used to it?

Achieving even very small goals will get you into the habit of being a person who knows what they want and achieves it.

Although primarily aimed at individuals, 7 Ways is a creative resource that can be used by teams to generate new solutions to old problems.

A follow up workbook Making Your Wants Happen will be available in autumn/fall 2003.

Purchase Seven Ways to Figure Out What You Want.

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