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Issue No. 19, 10th July 2003

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HOT NEWS: Sharon Drew Morgen to introduce Buying Facilitation® in London. Come and join us.


  1. Editorial: Keep it simple
  2. Coaching event: Introduction to Buying Facilitation®

1.     Editorial: Keep it simple

This is the first of four issues in July. In this issue and the next we bring you up to date with some of our activities and products. Future issues will include articles by two of my colleagues who work in the recruitment business. As coaches we believe that everybody has the capacity to perform better, and that our processes will help them achieve more of their potential. However, there is such a thing as a square peg in a round hole. It is in nobody's interest to try to improve somebody in the wrong situation. The Disney organisation believes very strongly in recruiting by values – and that it is then their reponsibility to find where an individual can make the best contribution. When this does not work, they say "We have a values conflict here." and agree to part company.

Much better to put effort into recruiting.

I have recently returned from a very successful scenario planning project in the USA. The interesting thing was that, in a very high tech environment, scenario planning identified the biggest issue as a simple 'human' one. Not what the participants were expecting, but the revelation was welcomed by all.

The other surpise was their amazement at my use of 'Blu Tack' for holding up flip chart sheets. Apparently this soft blue malleable material is unknown in Washington. It and a few felt tip pens are the basis of my travel anywhere pack. Much more powerful than PowerPoint!

One of my favourite stories appeared in the Readers' Digest many years ago. A grandmother was reading a picture book with her grandson, who lived on a farm. First picture, What's that? It's a lion. Very good. Second picture. What's that? It's a zebra. That's right, very good. Third picture. What's that? An elephant. Very good. Fourth picture. And here's an easy one, what's that? I don't know. Come one, you know this one. No, I am not sure. Come on now. I think it might be a Charollais cross Simmental!!!!

The meaning of the question is a function of the context. What was a cow to the grandmother was something far more sophisticated to the little boy.

I got caught out on this recently. I am interested in the techniques used for sales, and am often surprised by the methods used by many established sales forces. Had it not been for major thunderstorms grounding my plane at another airport, I would have flown down to Texas during my recent trip to the USA to meet Sharon Drew Morgen and discuss her new book. Her 'Buying Facilitation®' takes a coaching approach to helping the buyer buy, rather than the seller sell. But this is a huge cultural change for traditional sales people.

In a recent presentation I was asked about our expertise in sales. I tried to determine whether they wanted a Charollais or a Simmental – when all they wanted was a cow!! Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar!

So the old saying, KISS, "Keep it simple, stupid" still applies.

2.     Coaching notes: Introduction to Buying Facilitation®

LONDON OPEN EVENING: Sharon Drew Morgen to introduce Buying Facilitation® on Wednesday 23 July. 18.00 to 20.00 at the Rembrandt Hotel, London SW7 2RS. 20.00 + VAT.

Buying Facilitation®: The New Way to Sell that Influences & Expands Decisions

We are very excited to be able to offer Sharon Drew Morgen's brand new e-book Buying Facilitation®: The New Way to Sell that Influences & Expands Decisions. Sharon Drew is one of my heroes for her book Sales on the Line, ten years old but still a definitive text.

Her New York Times Business Best Seller Selling with Integrity: Reinventing Sales through Collaboration, Respect, and Serving introduced The Morgen Buying Facilitation Method® - a new sales paradigm based on helping the buyer make effective decisions. The book was published in 1997.

Her latest book, Buying Facilitation®: The New Way to Sell that Influences & Expands Decisions is an update of Selling with Integrity. It incorporates the new business environment we all live in, the complex systems that buyers decide in, and the complex sales issues that need to be addressed in today's global, competitive environment.

Sharon Drew is making a whistle stop visit to London in July and will introduce Buying Facilitation® at a single open event sponsored by Brefi Group. It's an opportunity to ask questions about her new sales paradigm as a precursor to her open-enrolment programme to follow.

Book now

"Finally, a sales paradigm which supports our spiritual values and lays the foundation for the paradigm shifts occurring in business today."

Ken Blanchard
The One Minute Manager

The Morgen Buying Facilitation Method® is a decision-facilitation tool aimed at helping buyers decide quickly, creating trust and collaboration between seller and buyer, and dramatically reducing the sales cycle – different from a sales tool that helps sellers sell.

Here are some facilitative questions that come straight from her books, to help you think through whether or not this evening would be of use to you: -

  • How do you differentiate yourself from your competition?
  • How do your buyers bring all their stakeholders together to make an efficient decision?
  • How would Buying Facilitation® be used to support buyers in making a decision; and how does this differentiate you from your competition?
  • How do buyers make a decision to work with a new supplier, or buy a new product?
  • What is the new job of sales anyway?
  • How can you become a valued consultant to your prospect in every interaction?
  • How can you discover if you have a true prospect – in moments?
  • How do companies create brand ambassadors through every sales transaction?
  • How can sellers avoid submitting proposals – and still get business?
  • How do you create and maintain integrity in every transaction?

Until now, sellers have been taught how to sell. But selling is not what's needed in today's tough economy.

Come and ask Sharon Drew how Buying Facilitation® can help you increase your business, find more clients, have buyers decide much more quickly, and how to become a true consultant to your buyers, by teaching your buyers how to make sense of their buying decisions.

Buying Facilitation®: The New Way to Sell that Influences & Expands Decisions is available exclusively as an e-book but delegates at the workshop can order a print-out for a 20% discount and also save VAT and the download time.

Book now for London event.

Learn more about her e-book: Buying Facilitation: The New Way to Sell that Influences & Expands Decisions or purchase Sales on the Line.

"The principles of Buying Facilitation® have really helped us develop a more enlightened approach to sales. It may be a little challenging to master the techniques at first, but the increased sales and enhanced customer relationships easily make it worth the effort. We've looked a scores of sales methodologies...this one actually works."
-Jason Fellman, CEO/Founder FG Squared

"Sharon Drew Morgen has addressed the mystery of customer decision-making. Her Buying Facilitation Method® has enabled our company to appreciate the many unseen -- often, idiosyncratic and unexpected -- factors that go into a complex decision."
-Britton Manasco, Principal, The Marketing Intelligence Group

"Prospects and clients share more information faster, giving us the capacity to write more effective proposals - and we move forward faster, together. Our business has tripled during the last ten years, and a large part of the reason is because of our use of Buying Facilitation®."
-Nick Miller, President, Clarity Advantage Corporation

"Right after we learned Buying Facilitation®, a new customer called to say she had never had a salesperson act like D. She said D. asked her questions and "it was wonderful...she never told me what I needed and the design evolved from my own mind. It was a great experience."
-Owner, California Closets (South) franchise

"As a result of learning and using Buying Facilitation®, we've become more professional because we help customers make better decisions, quicker; our repeat and referral business has increased dramatically, and our ROI has gone up 50% over last year at this time - and last year we were up 40% over the previous year. We attribute this to our use of Buying Facilitation®."
-Owner, California Closets (East) franchise

"Now I have the know-how and the confidence to be a true partner to my customers. This makes an ENORMOUS difference for me. I am happy at work, possibly for the first time. Thank you very very very much. The first is for making the discoveries you have made and are making. The second is for persisting in sharing them. The third is for teaching me with such love."
-Richard Starkey

"Thank you for a great workshop in Austin. I have attended many training courses over the years, but never one that I felt was as interesting or engaging as yours, not to mention valuable."
-Norman Tyrell, NMS Corp.

"Before I read your book, I fumbled around a lot, trying to do what you have laid out so well. One of my biggest accomplishments, and best customers, came when I helped an IT guy from figure out how to solve his own problem using resources he already had. I lost the immediate sale, but the guy trusts me with everything now and we have since provided a great deal of training for his staff as a result.

"In copiers, had I done that, I may have been fired. It is the difference between a long-term and short-term mentality."
-James, The Carter Group

"Buying Facilitation® is a terrific way to improve my sales efforts and those of other small business owners who hate the whole sales process. It also prevents 'sales burnout' because it keeps potential rejection down and acceptance/success up."
-Jan triplett, PhD. COO Business Success Center, Austin, TX

"Buying Facilitation® has changed lots more than my selling life. It has allowed me to create a field of discovery for my prospects/clients where they can work out their own answers. It's even helped me with my kids.

"Her training enables you to learn how to sell in a new way, without ever having to question your ethics or conscience, and to walk away knowing that you did what is right for all concerned. This might seem to be something you can learn directly from the book; but really, the interaction with a small group, and Sharon Drew herself, is so worthwhile! Live examples; live conversations; and watching Sharon Drew in action - you can't beat it."
-Vaughn Nystrom, CEO, Integrated Fulfillment Services.

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