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Issue No. 82, 6th December 2004


  1. Editorial: Disambiguation
  2. Coaching notes: The phases of coaching

1.     Editorial: Disambiguation

Richard Winfield - editor and principal consultantOn Friday we launched Consultant Training with our first free seminar in London. I am a transport representative with the professional services organisation Birmingham Forward and, as such, have been investigating various forms of public transport. Earlier in the year I tried the London 'bendibuses' and as a result no longer use the Underground to get to Trafalgar Square or Westminster. Travelling back from our seminar on Friday I was delighted to note that the bus driver was acting as a tour operator and giving us a commentary on the route and the attractions to be found at the next bus stops. He said that this helped him concentrate on the traffic and made his job much more enjoyable. Another example of how we can take responsibility for making our own life enjoyable.

I learned a new word this week, 'disambiguate'. It was used several times by John Grinder on the coaching course that he was teaching. Remember it if you are playing Scrabble over the holiday period.

Two key lessons I learned in the course: -

  1. The benefit of working with someone with a very different in style. John and Carmen Bostic St Clair never appeared in the room at the same time but their styles were absolutely complementary and Carmen's contribution gave me the structure I was seeking. In particular, she introduced a strategy for coaching that reflects my own behaviour – which the GROW model does not. See below.
  2. I learned how much NLP I have forgotten in the last ten years and what an excellent grounding I received from John Seymour.

I came away with lots of revision and further work to do.

Next week I shall be sending CorporateCoach from Dubai. If any reader would like to meet me in Dubai on Saturday, Sunday or Wednesday, please drop me a line.



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2.     Coaching notes: The phases of coaching

Here is the coaching model developed by Carmen Bostic St Clair.

A coach is a process person who enters into a process relationship with the client to: -

  • Elicit
  • Define
  • Refine
  • Challenge

The coach facilitates and assists. The phases of coaching are: -

  1. Gain rapport and agree a contract
  2. Establish a frame
  3. Elicit information
  4. Establish goals – start with a working goal, re-state the goal and explore the intention behind the goal
  5. Create an action plan
  6. Get commitment
  7. Follow up

This is the best representation of coaching that I have so far met. Many thanks Carmen.


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