BuddyCoach™ will analyse your responses to a range of competencies and display them graphically so that you can compare your results with those given by your colleagues. You will also get a set of recommendations for actions that you can take to improve your performance.

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BuddyCoach is a free service from Brefi Group that allows individual managers and directors to discover their strengths and development needs. For each result you will get some suggestions of actions to improve your competence in that area. Use this to prepare your own personal development plan.

Using BuddyFeedback™ you can then expand the exercise to obtain valuable feedback from up to ten colleagues. These could be your line manager, some peers and some of your direct reports you choose. Once they have completed the questionnaire the results will be combined and displayed on a graph for you to see. They will only be able to see the results that they have input.

BuddyCoach™ works on the basis of job roles; choose whether you are a manager or a director. For each job role there are several areas of competence as shown below. For each competency there is a series of statements; choose the appropriate response and, when you have completed the questionnaire, you will be given a graphical display of your strengths and areas of improvement. For each of these there will be a suggestion for how ot improve your performance.

BuddyCoach uses the same technology as CorporateFeedback. If you would like to undertake a 360° organisational training needs analysis using your own competencies, or benchmark standards, please contact us.

The following questionnaires are available. Please choose a job role now:-

BuddyCoach™ - manager

  • Personal effectiveness 
  • Managing People 
  • Managing communications 

BuddyCoach™ - director

  • Personal effectiveness 
  • Managing People 
  • Managing communications 
  • Effective Directorship 

BuddyCoach™ - corporate culture

  • Corporate culture 

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You can complete one or more questionnaires on a visit or return on another occasion to repeat or complete another one.

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