Scenario planning – testimonials

scenario planningWe like to evaluate and collect feedback. Here are some answers we have received after a scenario planning workshop.

  1. What was your overall impression of this workshop?
    Very informative and useful. I have already had discussions with two of my sponsors regarding scenario planning.
    The workshop was a valuable experience for us. We were exposed to a new way of approaching problems and thinking strategically, and having an experienced scenario planning facilitator helped us move forward very effectively in a short period of time. The workshop also exposed some skills that we collectively need to consider improving in our organization, which was a valuable result.

  2. What was your overall impression of the facilitator?
    Nothing but GOOD things to say about him. Organized, efficient, very good at keeping the diverse set of participants on track.
    Throughout a very intense and demanding two days, Richard's poise and sense of humor kept the process moving forward and made it actually an enjoyable experience.

  3. Which parts of the workshop did you find most valuable and why?
    The read ahead books have been very useful in helping me to understand scenario planning. The actual part of the workshop that I found most valuable was when we were asked to brainstorm what a system would look like in the future.

  4. Which parts did you find least valuable and why?
    I felt that the entire two days were valuable. I would not classify any part as "least valuable".

  5. How successful was the workshop in terms of learning about the scenario planning process?
    VERY helpful in making the process clear to me.

  6. How successful was the workshop in terms of achieving new understanding of possible developments and constraints over the next 10+ years?
    Again, VERY successful.

  7. Should you use scenario planning again – YES/NO?

  8. What are the one or two most interesting or useful ideas for you from the workshop?
    The need to "think outside the box" when looking at what the future should be.

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