Scenario planning

scenario planningHere are some articles about scenario planning that you might find interesting.

What If?
Dr. Terry J. van der Werff, CMC

Scenario planning is a valuable technique for leading your company in the face of an uncertain future.

Decision-Based Scenario Planning
Dr. Terry J. van der Werff, CMC

Scenario sketching should be in your toolkit, but remember they are for making decisions

Scenario Planning - It's About Decision Making
Jacques Malherbe, Virtual Consulting, Inc., BLI Strategic Partner

In organization development consulting, it soon becomes clear that organizations can best be seen as systems of individuals linked through conversation . ..

Scenario planning: strategy formulation in an uncertain market
James Allen

There are a lot of question marks hanging over the telecoms market at the moment. When will the recovery start? What will the market look like after recovery? What industry structures and business models will prosper, and where? How can we best weather the storm?

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