Mediation training courses

mediation and negotiation training courses

Mediation is a way of resolving disputes between two or more parties in which a mediator, assists the parties to negotiate a settlement.

Disputes arise for many reasons, often due to simple misunderstandings or failure to fulfil an expectation. In many cases resolution is a matter of defusing emotions and clarifying needs and expectations.

If they are not resolved quickly and simply, there is a danger of escalation such that emotions, "positions" and "winning" make a satisfactory outcome increasingly difficult. This results in delays, costs and long term bad relations.

Typical mediation course programme

Here is an example of a one-day mediation training course that can be delivered by Brefi Group.

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  • Structure of the programme
  • Introductions and aspirations
  • Feedback

Fundamental principles of mediation

  • The role of the mediator: to manage the process
  • There is always an outcome: I win, you win, we win, we lose
  • Causes of conflict: power, resources, interests, values
  • Costs: reputation, money, time, relationships
  • Escalation has its own momentum
  • Essential components: ownership, empowerment, impartiality, no-blame, confidentiality
  • Basic principles: self-determination of the parties, informed consent of the parties, neutrality of the mediators

Case studies

Coffee break

Tools for a rational approach

  • Approaches to mediation: facilitative, evaluative, transformative, narrative
  • Win-win negotiation
  • The Harvard Mediation model
  • Scenario planning model
  • Setting well-formed outcomes

Conflict escalation and de-escalation

  • Introduction and exercise


Perceptual positions exercise

This is a practical exercise to give mediators flexibility in considering the situations of the two sides and an independent view; also a useful exercise to teach as part of a mediation session.

Communication skills

  • Effective listening and interpreting
  • Clean language patterns
  • Feedback

Tea break

Factors to consider when setting up a mediation programme

  • Structure of a mediation session
  • Environment and context
  • Preparation
  • BATNA – best alternative to a negotiated agreement

Resolution, peace and relationship building

Review of learnings, actions and future needs


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