Growth through challenge for teams and individuals in organisations

Experienced facilitators for awaydays, conferences, strategy and budget planning meetings

The challenge of change – or change through challenge?

All change is a challenge at some level. Often the challenge lies not in what is ahead, but in the baggage of what we are leaving behind. Similarly, dealing with change in a familiar environment is inhibited by all the 'noise' coming from the surroundings.

Cutting loose in a safe but challenging environment is a proven way of achieving change – both organisational and personal. And you learn best when you are having fun. All our programmes, indoor or outdoor, are individually designed to lead you through a relevant process that you can apply back home.

Getting away from the office

Getting away to deal with change has two great advantages. It breaks the link with everyday concerns, and it offers an opportunity to experience change at a metaphorical level – where the process and structure are the same but the circumstances are different.

In addition, of course, it does wonders for a team's relationships.

We have had great fun helping organisations make breakthroughs in lots of different surroundings. These include country hotels, as well as rural management centres, boats and western ranches.

What do you get?

Brefi Group organises and facilitates group meetings, away days, workshops and conferences internationally. We have worked in North America, Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia, often in exciting locations.

Our customer-designed packages include: -

  • Venue search, negotiation and booking
  • Pre-briefing and agreement of outcomes
  • Design and approval of the programme
  • Organisation and administration
  • Preparation of materials
  • Management and facilitation of main event
  • Provision of keynote speakers, where required
  • Workshops and breakout sessions
  • Review, action planning and follow-up commitments
  • Photographs and visual record
  • Meeting report

We ensure that each event is structured to achieve a previously agreed outcome, but is flexible and responsive enough to deal with whatever arises, whether it be a business issue or inter-personal. We produce lots of flip chart sheets!

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How do I Choose a Facilitator?


Brefi Group helps clients bring structure and clarity to their thinking. We help identify core issues and make the complex simple, holding the space for you to create your own solutions.

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