How do I do a Training Needs Analysis (TNA)?

In principle, a TNA is very simple.

You decide what an individual or team needs to be able to do and then you find out what they are capable of. The question is how do you define what they need to do.

A good start is the job description. An up to date job description should define either what the post holder needs to do, or what they need to achieve. In either case you should be able to translate these into skills and aptitudes – competencies.

Your organisation might already have adopted sets of competencies for different grades and disciplines. An alternative source is a recognised set of external competencies. We use those developed in the UK by the Management Charter Initiative and the Institute of Directors.

Brefi Group has a series of tools specifically designed for training needs analysis. BuddyCoach™ is a free facility using standard questions related to management and director behaviour. CorporateFeedback™ is a commercial 360° feedback programme that can be fully customised for a client organisation in terms of both corporate identity and defined questions. It is pre-loaded with management and director competency based data from which you can select your base questions.

What is 360° feedback?

This is feedback from people all around you – your line manager, your peers and your direct reports. It is possible to get feedback rom more than 360° by questioning external contacts such as customers and suppliers as well. CorporateFeedback™ is a powerful web based 360° feedback tool.

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