Institute of Directors “Standards for the Board”

Brefi Group uses The Standards for the Board as a benchmark to measure good behaviours, processes and performance of individual directors and company boards. They can be used both to review behaviour and to set competence standards.

The IoD's definitive standards are based on a major study of good practice, undertaken by Henley Management College and involving several hundred UK directors and many boards.

They provide a framework for all boards and are offered as a contribution to the achievement of high standards of professionalism and competence for all directors.

The standards are presented in three related sections, each providing checklists and frameworks against which boards and directors can measure themselves. In particular, they address:

Organising and running the board

  • Board and management responsibilities
  • Board composition and organisation
  • Board meetings
  • Improving effectiveness

The tasks of the board and indicators of good practice

  • Establishing vision, mission and values
  • Setting strategy and structure
  • Delegating to management
  • Responsibilities to stakeholders

Building an effective board

  • A summary of the key personal qualities and areas of knowledge most likely to be needed in the boardroom

The standards will enable you to:

  • Clarify the board's tasks and the way it conducts its affairs
  • Review the composition and performance of your board
  • Determine the issues your board should address, and how fully it is doing so
  • Give better focus to board decision-making
  • More effectively select, induct, train and develop directors
  • Assess the personal qualities and knowledge possessed by your board's directors
  • Identify areas of board weakness, enabling you to take appropriate actions
  • Build a more effective board
  • Fulfil your board role and responsibilities with greater professionalism
  • Establish best practice criteria for your board

Improve board performance

Find out how you can use these standards to improve the performance of your board of directors – and how to use them to improve your personal performance as a director.

Directors' self assessment

Check out your effectiveness as a director using our on-line self assessment form. BuddyCoach™ - director includes assessments for: -

  • Personal effectiveness
  • Managing People
  • Managing communications
  • Effective Directorship

Professionalism in the boardroom plays an important part in the success of an organisation. Standards for the Board provides a set of clearly established standards of good practice. Brefi Group combines our extensive international experience of management development with benchmarking processes and behaviours defined in this report.

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