Frequently asked questions about boards, directors and corporate governance

Frequently asked questions about corporate governance

You will find that many aspects of board governance and director effectiveness are described in Brefi Group's FREE report "Board Performance and Director Appraisal".

What does Brefi Group do?
Brefi Group is dedicated to helping individuals and teams in organisations discover and realise their potential. Our objective is to provide clients with tools, attitudes and processes that will equip them to make changes in the future without having to stay dependent on external expertise. Change occurs as we help them clarify issues through a process of discovery, engagement and dialogue, enabling them to find their own answers and implement their own proposals.

How qualified are Brefi Group consultants?
Brefi Group associates are trained in the psychology of change (NLP) and have MBA level business experience.

Who does Brefi Group work for?
We work for corporate organisations that prefer to deal with a single organisation providing teams of motivated professional consultants rather than the major management consultancies. Typical clients include: -

  • Directors, boards and partnerships
  • HR departments
  • Senior executives and professionals
  • Consultants, coaches and trainers

Where does Brefi Group operate?
Brefi Group will operate anywhere where business English is spoken! We are based in Birmingham and London, UK. Our primary areas of activity are in Britain and America, but we have also operated in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. We are currently negotiating strategic alliances in Asia and Australia to provide local bases from which we can recruit and train more associates.

Do you employ any staff?
We do not employ consultants. We believe that we get better service from carefully selected independent professionals. However, we have an active programme to ensure that any Brefi Associates are fully integrated into our team, with common skills and values.

How does Brefi Group charge?
We generally charge by the day or, for coaching, by the session or programme. We prefer to adopt a flat rate with the minimum of additions for expenses. For larger projects, we will consider an all-inclusive total fee.

Brefi Group consultants are trained and qualified to a high level, with senior experience of large organisations. We focus our activities on corporates. Our fees are in line with the market we serve.

How can I obtain benefits from Brefi Group at low cost?
This web site offers a wide range of valuable resources that can be accessed on-line, downloaded or delivered by e-mail. Many are offered free, and most are very inexpensive.

How do I do a Training Needs Analysis?
In principle, a TNA is very simple. You decide what an individual or team needs to be able to do and then you find out what they are capable of. The question is how do you define what they need to do. A good start is the job description. An up to date job description should define either what the post holder needs to do, or what they need to achieve. In either case you should be able to translate these into skills and aptitudes – competencies. Your organisation mght already have adopted sets of competencies for different grades and disciplines. An alternative source is a recognised set of external competencies. We use those developed in the UK by the Management Charter Initiative and the Institute of Directors.

FREE training needs analysis

Find out about BuddyCoach™ our free on-line 360° training needs analysis tool for managers and directors. Find out now

Brefi Group has a series of tools specifically designed for training needs analysis. BuddyCoach™ is a free facility using standard questions related to management and director behaviour. CorporateFeedback™ is a commercial 360° feedback programme that can be fully customised for a client organisation in terms of both corporate identity and defined questions. It is pre-loaded with management and director competency based data from which you can select your base questions.

What is 360° feedback?
This is feedback from people all around you – your line manager, your peers and your direct reports. It is possible to get feedback rom more than 360° by questioning external contacts such as customers and suppliers as well. CorporateFeedback™ is a powerful web based 360° feedback tool.

What to do next

New directors training and development Download our free report "Board Performance Evaluation and Director Appraisal" or subscribe to our directors e-course.

If you would like to discuss how Brefi Group can help you or your board become more effective, contact us or give us a call on +44 (0) 121 288 3417.

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