Check your effectiveness as a director

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I hope that you have had a chance to read the report "Board Performance Evaluation and Director Appraisal". If not, just complete the form in the next column.

On page 7 you will find a couple of quick checks on your performance as a director and for your board.

You can also do an on-line test to find out how you perform in more detail.

At you can not only review your own performance but also get your colleagues to contribute a 360 degree feedback.  No charge – just a service to help you towards better performance.

As well as Effective Directorship, you can obtain feedback on: -

  • Personal Effectiveness
  • Managing People
  • Managing Communications

Here are the subject areas on which you will get feedback in the Effective Directorship module: -

External environment

Your activity in reading and networking for information about news and developments: This is a matter of giving greater priority to the external environment.

Discuss with a coach, mentor or colleague how you can take steps to ensure that you regularly scan current affairs and meet relevant people. The questions in this section each give an indication of appropriate actions to take.

Internal affairs

Your effectiveness in collecting and monitoring information about the state of the organisation: Now that you are a director you should take an interest in affairs outside your own department.

Use the suggestions in the questions in this section to prepare an action plan, or discuss it with a coach or mentor.


Your attitude to shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers, the community and environment: As a director you have responsibilities for a wide range of stakeholders.

It might be useful to ask for a discussion at board level or to discuss it with your chairman, coach or mentor.

Decision making

Your skills at making a decision and forming your own judgement: As a director you are exposed to a wider range of decision-making. 

This is an important activity and worth attending an appropriate course or raising with your coach.

Role flexibility

Your ability to behave appropriately in the different roles you have to assume: Directors face the challenge of multiple roles.

This should be addressed in a director development programme or with your executive coach.

Your behaviour as a director and the balance between openness, honesty, integrity and commercial gain: Integrity is a personal matter, but at this level should be covered within the board's published values.

If this is not so, you should raise it with the chairman and suggest it is included in a strategy meeting or corporate retreat.

Systems thinking

Your understanding of the relationship between parts of the system that includes your organisation.

If you have not covered this previously, it should be included in a director development programme or dealt with by your coach.

Board governance

Knowledge and understanding of your responsibilities on the board: This is a very important matter for both individual directors and the board.

These matters should be covered as part of your induction as a director - if not, read them up, attend a course or discuss with your coach.

Business sense

Your understanding of what is required for a business to be successful: You are likely to pick up business sense as you progress through your career, but as a director you have a wider responsibility.

Discuss your current awareness with a mentor or coach.

The ability to think about the future and the impact of events: Scenario planning is different from strategic planning.

If you don't already do it, suggest that you ask a facilitator to run a scenario planning exercise.

Team behaviour

Your behaviour as a team member within the board of directors: It would be helpful for the whole team if you could commission an analysis of team behaviour, including some personal profiling. The results will stimulate greater awareness of the needs and strengths of others and the discussion results will in itself have a team building effect.

You might personally choose to attend a workshop on team and communication skills, or raise the matter with your coach.

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