Board and director development and training

Board and director development and training

Company boards of directors provide the leadership and accountability that determine the success of the company or organization.

Directors and boards have the maximum leverage for change – you provide the leadership and role models for the rest of the organisation. You are under the greatest pressure, and are more likely to suffer from stress and an out of balance work/home life.

So, let's start by asking these questions:-

Professionalism in the boardroom plays a key part in the prosperity of any organisation. Directors and boards sit at the top of an organisation and are responsible for leadership and corporate governance.

Brefi Group is committed to improving the effectiveness of boards of directors.

We do this through our range or services delivered in person, including; –

Do all your directors fully understand their role – and match up to best practice?

Training and development of individual directors and the board as a whole is an important investment for any organisation that intends to operate at its greatest effectiveness. Find out about director training workshops.

Brefi Group provides a comprehensive approach to board and director development – improving the effectiveness of directors and boards against clearly established standards of good practice. We combine our extensive international experience of management development with benchmarking processes and behaviours recommended by the UK Institute of Directors' Standards for the Board.

Board and director development programmes often involve a combination of consultancy advice, executive coaching and facilitated board retreats.

Appointment of an individual coach/consultant who can both design and manage a board development and training programme, and provide individual confidential director coaching will enable progress to be integrated for the greater benefit of the team.

Each programme is specifically designed for an individual client, in conjunction with the chairman and chief executive. The following is an indication of activities that could be involved.

  • Introductory briefing meeting
  • Review of board processes and behaviours
  • 360° feedback survey
  • Individual director profiling to review board balance and completeness and to identify individual strengths and roles
  • Feedback workshop to report and discuss findings and to agree goals and success measures
  • Individual director feedback consultations
  • Facilitated board strategy retreat
  • Training workshops and/or training sessions during board meetings
  • Individual director coaching and telephone support

Training and development subjects for directors and boards

Here is a selection of matters that are commonly addressed in director development programmes for directors and boards: -

  • Essential differences between direction, management and ownership
  • Balance of responsibility between being a director and an executive
  • The role and responsibilities of non-executive directors (NEDs)
  • Setting vision, mission and values – and why they are so important
  • The role of personality in team building
  • Good governance processes and practices
  • Achieving board effectiveness
  • Agreeing and setting performance measures
  • Tools for the boardroom to increase effectiveness
  • Boardroom behaviours – good and bad
  • Effective board meetings
  • Relationships with stakeholders
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Frameworks for decision making
  • Negotiation skills
  • Communication skills
  • Presentation skills
  • Talent management and grooming of future board members

What to do next

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