Corporate governance

Corporate governance

Good governance requires boards to have effective processes and to evaluate their performance and appraise directors at least once a year

The application of simple standards at board level can radically improve performance.

  • Audits of board processes against external benchmarks
  • Audits of director skills against external benchmarks
  • Psychometric profiling and 360 feedback to discover strengths and development needs of individual directors and managers
  • Facilitation of corporate retreats for both strategy and budget planning
  • Executive coaching and appraisals of executive and non-executive directors to improve individual and group performance

These processes will enable you and your board to significantly raise your game, increase your professionalism and improve corporate performance.

The evaluation process is a constructive mechanism for improving board effectiveness, maximising strengths and tackling weaknesses, leading to an immediate improvement in performance throughout the organisation.

It will check that there are proper board procedures in place, with all directors fully understanding their role and having the special skills that directors need.

A well conducted evaluation helps the board, committees and individual directors perform to their maximum capabilities.

A quick and simple audit against established standards for directors and board processes (followed by appropriate action!), can lead to an immediate improvement of performance throughout the organisation.

Find out about the Corporate Governance Code.

The Brefi Group helps individuals and teams in organisations – just like your own – discover and realise their potential. We provide you with the right tools, attitudes and processes to continually improve in the future, without having to stay dependent on external expertise.

With our extensive knowledge of international corporate governance requirements we are well placed to help directors and boards improve their performance through adoption of best practice – and then to audit them against external benchmarks to identify those vital areas that need to be addressed.

Our clients find that in most cases change then occurs naturally.

Our integrated package of strategy consulting, executive coaching, facilitation and training includes processes specifically designed for directors and boards.

Our approach is to help clarify issues through a process of discovery, engagement and dialogue, enabling you and your colleagues to discover your own answers and implement your own proposals.

Evaluation of the performance of your board is a process for improving board effectiveness, maximising strengths and tackling weaknesses. Good governance requires that you are able to report on the effectiveness of your board, as well as appraisal of non-executives.

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