The Time is Now - Bea Benkova

Bea Benkova - Author, Wealth GardenOne of the defining moments in my life was when my mother was diagnosed with cancer. Her response to the news staggered me and will always stay vivid in my memory. "Why now, when I've finally let go and have time to live my life?" she said to the doctor. "Why now?"

A successful woman, my mother had focused almost exclusively on business and family; no time to stop and really think about what she loved doing. The diagnosis cut so deep in part because she was not truly fulfilled. My mother thought she was at a new beginning--only to find out it was too late. She had instead come to a sudden end.

I was raised to believe I could do anything. As my natural inclination was always to see things from a bird's eye view, choosing to study macroeconomic and monetary policy felt natural, too. With a banking career in the financial center of London, I thought I was living a truly successful life, fulfilling my dream. Three years later, I received the devastating news about my mother. As my sister and I began the journey to help our mother heal, I recognized her life as my own, and her regret as my predictable future.

So many of us spend our lives climbing a ladder, only to discover it is leaning against the wrong wall. I wanted to begin the process of creating and living a fulfilling life--now.

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