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An effective organization and management development strategy is the most effective morale builder there is. Apart from the benefits of effective individuals and teams, recruitment, staff turnover and motivation are all improved in an organisation that takes trouble to develop its management staff and processes.

What does organisation development involve?

Organization development is an integrated approach to developing individuals, managers, teams and processes to improve corporate performance. In the UK there is an excellent model in the Investors in People scheme.

The Investors in People standard is a cyclical process based on four key principles:

  • Commitment

  • Planning

  • Action

  • Evaluation

What benefits will organisation development bring?

Organisation development is a first step towards creating a learning organisation and will bring benefits including:–

  • improved productivity and enhanced quality

  • greater staff motivation

  • better morale leading to reduced absenteeism and staff turnover

  • flexibility and response to change

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