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Our goal as consultants is to engage in successful actions that result in people or organisations managing themselves differently.

Change comes in two varieties. At one level, we consult to create change in the line organisation of a structural, policy or procedural nature. At another level, our objective is for one person or many people in the line organisation to have learned something new.

Brefi Group consultants have MBA level business experience in various disciplines and are equipped with technical, interpersonal and consulting skills. We combine the modelling approach of NeuroLinguistic Programming with the proven 'flawless consulting' processes of Peter Block. We believe that change arises within individuals and teams as they notice and appreciate changing reality. By shining a light into the situation and helping clarify issues, we enable our clients to resolve problems and discover new opportunities.

As consultants, we bring technical skills and are able to influence and support individuals, groups or organisations, but we do not claim direct power to make changes or implement programmes – that is the responsibility of the client line manager. Mostly we work face to face, acting as a benign catalyst. When we do prepare reports it is the process of decision-making that matters, rather than the printed end result. Our objective is not only to achieve the result required but also to install processes and to transfer skills so that future results can be achieved without more help.

Philosophy of change

Corporate change consultancy at Brefi Group provides the structure for our integrated package of consultancy, facilitation, coaching and training designed to achieve improvements in corporate performance. We apply the neurological levels model developed by Robert Dilts. Whether it be for an individual, a team or an organization, we seek to achieve congruence between the following: -

  • Physical and social environment
  • Behaviour
  • Competence
  • Beliefs and values
  • Identity
  • Purpose

Interventions at any of these levels can provide an opportunity for change.

What to do next

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Strategy consulting

Brefi Group's goal as consultants is to engage in successful actions that result in people or organisations managing themselves differently.

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