Change management for organisations

Why is change management so difficult?

Change Management

We live in a world of change. Yet most change programmes fail. Why is change management so difficult?

Change is about moving from one state to another. All systems are in stable equilibrium, except when they are destabilised. Systems continuously seek equilibrium, and large systems are most likely to do this by resisting change and moving back to the existing stable state. Whereas, what we want them to do is to move to a new stable state. Although any change will affect a system – and small changes can have a large cumulative impact – for sustained change it helps to understand the dynamics of the system.

Models of change

Kurt Lewin proposed a model "Unfreeze–Change–Re-freeze" that recognises the need to let go of the past.

Others manage change by:-

  • communicating information and proffering incentives

  • redefining and reinterpreting existing norms and values, and developing commitments to new ones

  • the exercise of authority and the imposition of sanctions

  • building a new organisation and gradually transferring people from the old one to the new one.

The Brefi Group approach

Brefi Group is primarily a change organisation. For two decades we have worked with individuals and organisations to add massive value by stimulating and supporting change. We believe that change arises within individuals and teams as they notice and appreciate changing reality.

We apply a variety of approaches developed by NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP). In particular, we apply Robert Dilts' model of neurological levels: -

  • Physical and social environment
  • Behaviour
  • Competence
  • Beliefs and values
  • Identity
  • Purpose

This enables us to identify leverage points in the organisation. We then build visions and experiences of the new state for teams and individuals. We consider people's perceptions of reality and their filters and motivators. This all within the context of general systems theory.

But above all, we remember that change comes from people wanting to change and a system that allows, and encourages, them to change. The devil is in the detail!

What to do next

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Strategy consulting

Brefi Group's goal as consultants is to engage in successful actions that result in people or organisations managing themselves differently.

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