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What's the best news about personal development at work?

The great thing about personal development is that anything you do to improve your personal skills at work will also bring benefits in your personal life, help you achieve your potential. And often the two are interwoven anyway.

So, how can personal coaching help here? Well, like any business activity, let's start with a management audit. You might be surprised just how much you can learn about yourself just talking with a coach with a facilitative style, penetrating questions and a commitment to your personal growth. And then we have a whole range of questionnaires to help identify your abilities and attitudes - and those of your team. Why not start now with a self appraisal using our confidential free management skills analyses?

Benchmark your progress

Just deciding to visit this site has started you on your personal development programme. Why not accelerate it by setting outcomes that you can measure? After all, what gets measured gets managed. The Management Charter Initiative and the Institute of Directors publish competencies that are sure to cover all your needs.

And while we are at it let's include the staff who will support you as you move on up.

Personal coaching for promotion

The best way to get promotion is to develop your own staff to achieve their potential and free yourself up for more senior work. And develop yourself, of course.

Preparing for a next career step is just the sort of exciting project where a coach can make all the difference. Start with an in-depth review of beliefs, identity, values and self confidence. Maybe include personal grooming and dress; networking and interview skills. And finally, dealing with any technical skills needed, particularly in the case of a move from manager to the very different role of director.

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