The role of in-house coaching

executive coaching and mentoring

Discover when to use coaches employed within the organisation and when using external coaches is more appropriate

External coaches are appropriate when there are highly sensitive or confidential issues to be addressed or when a coach with extensive and diverse experience is needed. Increasingly, organisations are recruiting and training internal coaches to provide the majority of their coaching resource.

Internal coaches are likely to be used for less senior staff. With suitable training and a suitable organisation culture, line managers can also adopt a coaching approach.

Internal coaches are preferable

  • When knowing the company culture, history and politics is critical
  • When easy availability is desired
  • For being able to build up a high level of personal trust over a period of time
  • For not being seen to be ‘selling’ consulting time
  • For keeping costs under control – and may be less expensive

External coaches are preferable

  • For providing sensitive feedback to senior business leaders. For political reasons, this can be difficult for an internal coach
  • For bringing specialised expertise from a wide variety of organisational and industry situations
  • When individuals are concerned about ‘conflict of interests’ and whether confidentiality will be observed
  • For providing a wider range of ideas and experience
  • For being less likely to judge and being perceived as more objective

Brefi Group provides skills training for managers and internal coaches, and also works with organisations to develop values and culture to support a coaching approach.

We can train managers as coaches and set up in-house coaching and mentoring schemes.

Coaching the top teams

With our MBA level experience and training in the psychology of change, Brefi Group coaches possess the unique combination of maturity, professional skills and human qualities required to work with top decision-makers and the leaders of the future, whether they be in commercial or public organisations or running a small company. Such key individuals have the maximum leverage for change – they provide the leadership and role models for the rest of the organisation. They are under the greatest pressure, and are more likely to suffer from stress and an out of balance work/home life.

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Brefi Group designs, develops and licenses coach training programmes for managers who wish to improve their leadership style and for individuals who wish to qualify as professional coaches.

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