Benefits of establishing a coaching culture

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Today's organisations will get the most benefit by establishing a coaching culture in which managers adopt a coaching approach and use of internal and external coaches is recognised as an effective way of improving performance.

Establishing a coaching culture

David Clutterbuck (2004) explains how to establish a coaching culture: -

  • By ensuring that managers have at least the basic skills of coaching
  • By equipping all employees with the skills to be coached effectively
  • By providing an advanced coaching skills programme for senior managers
  • By providing opportunities to review good coaching practice
  • By recognising and rewarding managers who demonstrate good coaching.
  • By measuring and providing feedback on the quality, relevance and accessibility of coaching
  • By ensuring that top management provides strong, positive role models
  • By identifying cultural and systems barriers to developmental behaviours
  • HR Practitioners can track how much the organisation is perceived to support development and coaching activity in a variety of ways, including through employee attitude surveys.
  • Creating a coaching culture generally involves implementing a long-term, strategic organisational development programme in an organisation.

You will know you have a coaching climate when:

  • Personal growth, team development and organisational learning are integrated and the links clearly understood.
  • People are able to engage in constructive and positive challenging
  • People welcome feedback (even at the top) and actively seek it
  • Coaching is seen as a responsibility of managers and their direct reports
  • There is good understanding at all levels about what effective developers and developees do
  • Coaching is seen primarily as an opportunity rather than a remedial intervention
  • People are recognised and rewarded for their activity in sharing knowledge
  • Time for reflection is valued
  • There are effective mechanisms for identifying and addressing barriers to learning
  • People look first inside the organisation for their next job
  • There are strong role models of good coaching practice

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