Coaching competencies

coaching competencies and international coaching qualifications

Brefi Group draws on the work of international organisations in setting its standards for coaching performance. These include NeuroLinguistic Programming, CoachVille and the International Coach Federation. The core of coaching is building rapport, asking powerful questions and setting goals.

Coaching competencies

The International Coach Federation has defined a set of basic coaching competencies: -

  • Meet ethical guidelines of the profession
  • Ability to establish a coaching agreement
  • Ability to establish an intimate and trusting relationship with the client
  • Ability to be fully present, conscious and spontaneous
  • Ability to express active listening
  • Ability to ask powerful questions
  • Ability to be a direct communicator
  • Ability to create and raise the client's awareness
  • Ability to design and create action plans and action behaviours
  • Ability to develop plans and establish goals with the client
  • Ability to manage the client's progress and hold him/her responsible for action

The CIPD has identified general skills that characterise effective coaches

  • Self-awareness and self-knowledge
  • Clear and effective communication skills
  • Relationship-building skills (including ability to establish rapport)
  • Flexibility of approach
  • Listening and questioning skills
  • Ability to design an effective coaching process
  • Ability to assist goal development and setting, including giving feedback
  • Ability to motivate • Ability to encourage new perspectives
  • Ability to assist in making sense of a situation
  • Ability to identify significant patterns of thinking and behaving
  • Ability to challenge and give feedback
  • Ability to establish trust and respect
  • Ability to facilitate depth of understanding
  • Ability to promote action
  • Ability to build resilience

Executive coaching competencies

For executive coaching the International Coach Federation recommends the following: -

  • A firm grounding in business knowledge and competencies
  • Thorough understanding of the world of the executive leader
  • A broad understanding of leadership and leadership development
  • Knowledge of systems dynamics (organisation and community)
  • Knowledge of the framework of adult development
  • High standards of personal and professional ethics
  • Highly developed communication proficiency allowing us to operate in the executive's environment
  • Advanced coaching skills and capabilities
  • Stature and reputation that gains respect
  • A commitment to lifelong learning similar to the leader him/herself

Code of ethics

Brefi Group has adopted a code of ethics, based upon The International Coach Federation Standards of Ethical Conduct : -

  • I will conduct myself in a manner that reflects well on coaching as a profession and I will refrain from doing anything that harms the public's understanding or acceptance of coaching as a profession.
  • I will identify my level of coaching competence to the best of my ability and I will not overstate my qualifications, expertise or experience as a coach.
  • I will, at the beginning of each coaching relationship, ensure that my coaching client understands the terms of the coaching agreement between us.
  • I will not claim or imply outcomes that I cannot guarantee.
  • I will respect the confidentiality of my client's information, except as otherwise authorised by my client, or as required by law.
  • I will obtain permission from each of my clients before releasing their names as clients or references.
  • I will be alert to noticing when my client is no longer benefiting from our coaching relationship and thus would be better served by another coach or by another resource and, at that time, I will encourage my client to make that change.
  • I will avoid conflicts between my interests and the interests of my clients.
  • Whenever the potential for a conflict of interest arises, I will, on a timely basis, discuss the conflict with my client to reach informed agreement with my client on how to deal with it in whatever way best serves my client.
  • I will, on a timely basis, disclose to my client all compensation from third parties that I may receive for referrals of, or advice given to, that client.
  • I will honour every term of agreements I make with my clients and, if separate, with whoever compensates me for the coaching of my clients.
  • I will not give my clients or any prospective clients information or advice I know to be confidential, misleading or beyond my competence.
  • I will acknowledge the work and contributions of others; I will respect copyrights, trademarks and intellectual property rights and I will comply with applicable laws and my agreements concerning these rights.

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With our MBA level experience and training in the psychology of change, Brefi Group coaches possess the unique combination of maturity, professional skills and human qualities required to work with top decision-makers and the leaders of the future, whether they be in commercial or public organisations or running a small company. Such key individuals have the maximum leverage for change – they provide the leadership and role models for the rest of the organisation. They are under the greatest pressure, and are more likely to suffer from stress and an out of balance work/home life.

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We can also train managers as coaches and set up in-house coaching and mentoring schemes. To contact a representative about how Brefi Group can help with coaching or coach training, use our contact page.

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Brefi Group designs, develops and licenses coach training programmes for managers who wish to improve their leadership style and for individuals who wish to qualify as professional coaches.

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