Train to become a professional coach

Train to Become a Professional Coach

Coaching provides opportunities for an exciting and worthwhile career within organizations or with private clients.

If you are thinking of making a big transition or feel enthusiasm levels dipping in your present position, then becoming an executive coach could help bring out your true potential.

Career opportunities

  • Salaried career as an in-house coach
  • Independent executive coach to organizations
  • Personal coach to individuals
  • Coach and facilitate groups and events
  • Work face to face on-site, in hotels or business centers
  • Work nationally or internationally by telephone, Skype, email, Internet

What distinguishes an executive coach?

In order to be an effective resource for the executive?s development, exec¬utive coaches must possess a unique combination of maturity, professional skills and human qualities, such as: -

  • A firm grounding in business knowledge and competencies
  • Thorough understanding of the world of the executive leader
  • A broad understanding of leadership and leadership development
  • Knowledge of systems dynamics of organizations and communities.

What does executive coaching cover?

Executive coaching covers the complex combination of skills and human capacities that are required of today?s executives such as: -

  • business acumen and financial management
  • leadership and organizational skills
  • social and communications skills
  • analytical and innovative thinking capacities
  • ability to inspire trust and commitment to action

Coach training with Brefi Group

Coaching is a valuable management skill, or can be a specialist profession for those who choose to follow Brefi Group's coach certification program.

The School of Executive Coaching draws on international best practice from North America, Europe and Asia, including a range of different coaching methodologies, as well as NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP) and management consultancy.

The program is designed using the International Association of Coaching's nine Coaching Masteries™ and is compatible with the 60 hour delivered training entry level requirements of the International Coach Federation.

The complete four module Coaching Program, over a period of 18 months or more, is designed to prepare you for a career as a successful executive coach to senior executives, and for a professional qualification with the International Association of Coaching.

Coach Certification Curriculum

The curriculum combines classroom instruction, e-learning, self study and live coaching exercises. Certification requires completion of workplace exercises. The teaching methodology is comfortably designed with the option of classes held over weekends to facilitate easy access for office-goers.

Because coaching involves developing practical skills. The program is spread over an extended period. Participants are able to apply for an intern role on classes they have already completed. Four levels of certification start with Level One, Manager, and progress to level Four, Professional Coach.

From time to time additional specialist workshops will be arranged for existing coaches and trainees to supplement their core coaching skills.

Coach Development Program

  Practitioner Coach Personal Coach Corporate Coach Professional Coach
Objective Foundation level coaching skills for managers who wish to improve work-place performance.

Entry level module for professional coach program.
Developing executive coaches to support clients in all aspects of their careers and personal lives. Developing executive coaches to work in a corporate environment. Developing executive coaches to work in a corporate environment.
Curriculum Coaching definitions
Coaching models
Coaching skills
The NLP coach
Coaching the person
Inner Game
NLP for coaches
The Success Paradox
Process of Change
The IAC Masteries
Coaching in organizations
Coaching leaders
Coaching teams
Business models
Corporate governance
Facilitating groups
Facilitating events
Designing a coaching program
Advanced coaching skills
Practice and assessment
Study There will be 12+ hours (spread over two-three days) of instruction including exercises and feedback.
In addition, self-study and practical exercises will complement the workshop.
There will be 20 hours (spread over three days) of instruction including exercises and feedback.

In addition, an audio program, self-study, practical exercises and mentoring to complement the workshops.
There will be 25 hours (spread over four days) of instruction including exercises and feedback.

In addition, self-study, practical exercises and mentoring to complement the workshops.
There will be 25 hours (spread over two sets of two days) of instruction and supervised exercises leading to assessment.

This workshop follows a program of monthly mentoring practice sessions.
Eligibility Maturity and management/life experience to be able to communicate confidently with clients and peers. Minimum graduate degree.
Successful completion of the Manager Coach workshop.
Successful completion of the Personal Coach workshop and self-study materials. Successful completion of the Executive Coach workshops and mentored practical exercises.

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The four modules are designed to take a minimum of twelve months to complete, during which candidates are expected to complete self-study and practical exercises, as well as gaining personal experience as coaches. Between the Executive Coach and the Professional Coach modules there is a minimum six month period of mentored practical exercises and informal telephone support designed to ensure that candidates make progress through continued practical experience.

Assessment as a Certified Professional Coach is by independent external examiners against international standards.

Gain an academic qualification

Candidates can also choose to work for an undergraduate or post graduate certificate or diploma with Coventry University.

These require additional directed self study, coaching practice and written assignments, whilst retaining the strong practical experience of the ASEC program.

The modules meet the relevant academic requirements at levels 4 and 5.

Organisations and individuals who wish to follow the academic certification path commit to additional directed self study, planned and reviewed practical coaching sessions, and written assignments.

Much of this 'extra' work can be incorporated into the normal job role of a manager or coach, and the additional study and reflection will take the student to a higher level of both appreciation and practice.

This means that candidates can obtain a recognised academic qualification in their workplace while following a practical and applied programme of training.

Program designer and master trainer

The program is designed by Richard Winfield MSc for managers, coaches and consultants who work within organizations.

Richard Winfield - program designer

Richard Winfield has had an active professional and entrepreneurial career as an award-winning public transport planner, publisher and management consultant. For more than 25 years he has specialised in the development of individuals and teams in organizations and is now an international facilitator and coach working at board level.

A systems thinker, Winfield simplifies multiple approaches to complex issues so that they can easily be understood. He holds three academic degrees, is an NLP Master Practitioner and Wealth Dynamics Master Practitioner. He has studied under internationally revered thought leaders in north America, Europe and Asia, as well as being a regular participant at the main coaching profession conferences.

Richard Winfield is the founder of the Brefi Group and the editor of CorporateCoach, an on-line free newsletter for senior executives and teams in organizations interested in improving corporate performance.

He brings a comprehensive knowledge of the latest coaching methodologies independent of any individual approach and has been appointed a governor of the International Association of Coaching.

Trainers and mentors will be chosen from our global network of coaches.

Licensing opportunities

These programs are delivered under licence by partner organizations across Asia, Africa and the Middle East. If you are a coaching or training organization, or an events organizer, who would like to add coach training programs to your portfolio – or you would like a licence to deliver them within your own organization – we would like to hear from you.

We supply workbooks, support material and marketing for both in-house training and open courses. We can supply trainers or train your own people to deliver and support these programs.

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Thank you for your interest in Brefi Group's training programme for professional coaches. To contact a representative about how Brefi Group can help with coaching or coach training, use our contact page.

Alternatively, if you would prefer to talk to one of our consultants, then call +44 (0) 121 288 3417.

Coaching training

Brefi Group designs, develops and licenses coach training programmes for managers who wish to improve their leadership style and for individuals who wish to qualify as professional coaches.

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