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Invisible Coaching

Radical new workshops to improve the leadership style, communication and performance of entrepreneurs, managers, and parents

Brefi Group's breakthrough programme, featuring Coaching on a Credit Card®, teaches the art of natural coaching. It is a simple, easy to learn but powerful system that teaches you to coach while you use it.

Are you an entrepreneur, a manager, or a parent?

  • Would you like always to know what to say without having to think about it?
  • Would you like people to feel good about themselves when they are with you?

These workshops are suitable for any individual with responsibility for the performance of others. In particular, they are designed for: -

  • Managers in organisations
  • People who lead teams
  • People involved with sales, purchasing or negotiation
  • Human resources managers
  • Parents with young children or teenagers
  • People facing redundancy or contemplating a new career

Think and act like a coach and you will be able to guide yourself and others through problem issues and develop self-confidence and self esteem.

Some people are natural coaches, and can be very effective without any training at all. Natural coaches seem always to get the best out of people. How do they do it? What is the key to their success?

Some people choose to undertake an intensive program of training in order to make coaching a career.

But what about everybody else?

  • If you deal with children, teenagers, parents – or a spouse
  • If you deal with employees, peers or bosses
  • If you deal with customers, sales people or public officials

Then, being able to think and act like a natural coach could significantly enrich your own life, as well as the lives of others.

Having taught managers and coaches in the UK, Europe, Middle East and Asia, I have become increasingly concerned to identify what managers actually need to know about coaching.

When I have asked myself how I coach, I realise that I don't use the techniques that are regularly taught. I am driven by curiosity and a desire for the other person to learn.

Unless you wish to train as a professional coach, it is much more important to adopt the right mindset so that you think and behave like a natural coach, rather than to learn lots of technique.

The most subtle and effective coaching is invisible; the person being coached by a manager or parent should not be conscious of being coached – just more aware of issues and options, more open to change.

The workshops are available individually in one, two or three day modules – or as multi-media programs that you can study at home.

They are interactive, with plenty of opportunities for you to learn by coaching each other.


Invisible Coaching®

Invisible Coaching® gives access to simple but powerful coaching and self coaching skills that lead to more effectiveness both at work and at home.

The softer, more interactive style, adopted by people with basic coaching skills improves communication, clarifies goals and enables individuals to learn to learn for themselves, thus empowering them to be more flexible and enabling them to take more personal responsibility.

The Invisible Coaching® program is an opportunity to:

  • Learn and practise powerful coaching skills that can be immediately applied anywhere
  • Explore specific applications of coaching that can release and develop latent skills in others
  • Learn to improve relationships and communication with colleagues, family and friends

Workshop One – Coaching on an Credit Card®

Coaching on an Credit Card® is a free-standing workshop that explores the fundamentals of coaching using a simple and powerful six step process that can be carried in a wallet or purse.

Workshop Two – Sailing the Seven Seas™

Sailing the Seven Seas™ puts the skills of an effective coach into the context of a simple coaching model that introduces the seven supporting principles behind effective coaching.

Participants learn that coaching is about raising awareness and clarifying goals.

They are introduced to: Connection, Caring, Clarity, Curiosity, Challenge, Confidence and Commitment.

Workshop Three – The ThreeTicks™ Coaching Model

This workshop focuses on rapport building skills and introduces a comprehensive model of coaching, involving beliefs, models and techniques that are particularly powerful in terms of improving communication and achieving individual and corporate change.


At the end of the three coaching workshops, participants will have a deep understanding and appreciation of the power and application of coaching, together with a set of inter-personal skills that can add tremendous value in their professional and personal lives.

They will always know just the right questions to help someone, and will notice that life gets easier, as they become more effective with less stress.

If you represent a training or event company, or an organisation seeking to improve your own staff, we can provide these workshops, or we can train and license you to do so yourself.

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"Discover the art of natural coaching"

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