Richard Winfield's consultancy style

Richard WinfieldHow does Richard Winfield work?

  • He fits in like a chameleon

  • He asks powerful questions

  • He listens and hears

  • He absorbs, assesses and connects (logical and lateral thinking)

What does this enable him to do?

  • Coach

  • Find the gold in a business - identify the key issue

  • Create order and logic in a fog - escape from muddle and compromise

  • Create a communications document - from authors' ideas/manuscript

  • Negotiate a win-win deal - with integrity and honour

What does this enable him to achieve?

  • An immediate impact

  • Leverage

  • Generative change

  • Support and representation for people

Where can this be applied?

  • Start-ups

  • Distress

  • Strategy reviews

  • Training and development

  • Non-executive directorships

So, when you need help with: -

  • Evaluating a proposal/potential investment

  • Preparing a business plan

  • Facilitating a strategy workshop/executive retreat

  • Coaching an executive or a management team

  • Turning round a distress situation