Richard Winfield – founder of The Brefi Group

Coach and facilitator to directors and boards in transition: helping them make progress by bringing structure and clarity to their thinking.

Richard Winfield

Independent Sounding Board: Call me when you want to bring structure and clarity to your thinking. I can help you identify core issues and make the complex simple, and I'll hold the space for you to create your own solutions.

Creator of Invisible Coaching® and Coaching on a Credit Card® coach training programmes.

Visionary change management and organisation development specialist with comprehensive experience of industry, business, the professions, public bodies and local authorities.

A strategic, analytical and innovative thinker. Team leader able to turn concepts and plans into practical working procedures.

Expertise in strategic and organisational analysis, conception and implementation of strategy, establishment of new businesses, organisation and cultural change, and management development.

Expertise in corporate governance and director development.

Highly qualified with a rich and varied career covering start-ups, privatisations and acquisitions with small, large and international organisations and their subsidiaries in the UK, Europe, USA, Middle East, Asia and Africa.


  • Conceived and implemented innovative organisation development strategy for 500m international engineering group, comprising competence-based career structure, management development and cultural change.

  • Brought public sector and commercial organisations to Investors in People standard, including first magistrates courts service in the UK and the first local authority in Wales to receive the award.

  • Co-founded successful (4m) magazine publishing group; negotiated sale/purchase of businesses.

  • International silver medal and regional awards for developing policy and practice to determine and monitor public transport need.

  • Creator of Invisible Coaching®, created training materials and co-founded coach training schools in Asia.


BSc in Civil Engineering, Nottingham University 1969
MSc in Highways & Transportation (Transportation option), Salford University 1970
MSc in Management & Technology (Finance & Accounting options), UWIST (Wales) 1982
Practitioner Certificate in NeuroLinguistic Programming (John Seymour Associates) 1994
Master Practitioner in NeuroLinguistic Programming (Sue Knight Associates) 1996
NLP Global Training & Consultancy Community (Robert Dilts et al) 1998
NLP Success Factor Modelling (Robert Dilts & John Dilts) 2004
Wealth Dynamics Master Practitioner 2008
International Master Trainer (Blair Singer & T Harv Eker) 2009


International Association of Coaching 2010 to 2012
Member of Board of Governors
Birmingham Forward 2005 to 2011
Non-executive Director and Transport Champion
Landor Holdings Limited 1986 to 2003
Co-founder and director
The Brefi Group Limited 1981 to date
Founder & Principal Consultant
Haden MacLellan Holdings plc 1995 to 1998
Responsible to Chief Executive for organisation development across the group
Dyfed County Council 1975 to 1981
Principal Engineer - Chief Assistant Transportation
Hans B Barbe & Associates 1973 to 1975
Senior Consultant
Marconi Company - Research Division 1970 to 1973
Research Engineer & Systems Analyst

DATE OF BIRTH: 15th April 1947 (65 years)

CONTACT: One Victoria Square, Birmingham B1 1BD.
Tel: +44 (0)7970 891 343
Web site:


In the late 1960s Richard Winfield gained an honours degree in civil engineering and a masters degree in highways and transportation, followed by a ten year career as a transportation planner. He specialised in public transport as a pioneer in bus location, automated systems and rural transport need, combining computer modelling, strategy development and interpretation of social behaviour. He was a frequent speaker at national and international planning conferences and winner of three awards for his work in rural transport.

In the early 1980s he gained a masters degree in management, followed by careers as a management consultant and publishing entrepreneur, combining interests in business and the impact of public policy. He was closely involved in the privatisation and deregulation of the bus industry as publisher of the trade newspaper Bus Business, organiser of national conferences, and through submissions to parliamentary select committees.

In the early 1990s his interest in business took him into organisation development through some 20 Investors in People projects, including the first magistrates courts service to gain the award and the first local authority in Wales. It was at this time that he embarked on his study of NeuroLinguistic Programming. Later, he worked inside a 500 million international engineering group laying the foundation for organisation and management development at senior manager and director level. This involved networking, strategy development and implementation, and hands-on training and coaching, spending some 25% of his time in the USA. Recent projects have included team coaching, strategy development and business planning for Internet start-ups.

In 2010 he launched coach training in Asia with the Intrad School of Executive Coaching and developed the course material for the ASEC Coach Certification Program.

Richard is IT aware, having been involved in applications development for three decades from main frames, through military hardware, micros, PCs and onto the Internet.

Since 1981 Richard has followed two careers - as an entrepreneur/consultant and as an employee - which are described on the following pages.

Generic skills

  • Strategic/systems thinking
  • Innovation
  • Organisation development
  • Scenario planning
  • Team building, cultural change
  • Conception and implementation
  • Vision, mission, communication
  • Training program design
  • Corporate Governance

Industry experience

  • International holding company
  • Public transport
  • Trade/professional publishing
  • Industrial services/outsourcing
  • General industry, business, professions, public bodies, local authorities, SMEs

Regional experience

  • UK, North America, Europe, South and West Africa, Baltic States, Arabian Gulf, India, SE Asia

Continuing Professional Development - short training courses since 1982:

Teamwork; High Performance Coaching; Developing the Developers; Managing Change; Investors in People; Network Marketing; Stress Management & Counselling Skills; Effective Telephone Skills; Process Consultancy; Psychometric Testing; Personal Presentation Skills; various NLP; Outrageous Consulting Behaviour; Designing & Building a Solid Corporate Intranet; The Disney Approach to Quality Service: Personal Mastery (NLP revision); Changing the Organisation; High Performance Management Competencies; How to Grow your Business with Electronic Publishing; Time Management; Accelerated Learning for Trainers, Success Factor Modelling (Robert/John Dilts), Life Balance (ITS), NLP Coaching (John Grinder), Entrepreneurs' Business School, Wealth Dynamics (Roger Hamilton), Train the Trainer/Making the Stage (Blair Singer & T Harv Eker), Language of Impact (Joel Roberts).

Interests: Reading, choral singing, mountain walking, horse riding/cycling, theatre/cinema, property/landscape development

Driving licence: Full/clean car licence


THE BREFI GROUP 1981 to date
Founder & Principal Consultant

Set up and established this company to provide strategic analysis and management development to public bodies and companies in the private sector to react to changing and increasingly competitive environments - sometimes involving major staff reductions.

  • Personally negotiated new accounts ranging from new and small business to major public limited companies as well as local authorities, public bodies and government agencies.

  • Management development, executive coaching and Investor in People projects for many blue chip organisations such as: Abu Dhabi Water and Electricity Authority, Birmingham City Council, Ocean and Oil Holdings (Nigeria), Centrica plc, SAP, Water UK, Biomet UK, OAO Technology, Moss Pharmacy, Orange PCS, The MITRE Corporation (USA), Wragge & Co LLP, Norwest Holst Engineering Ltd; MacLellan Integrated Services Inc (USA); National Power; Texaco; Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA); National Health Service; Tilbury Douglas Construction; West Glamorgan Magistrates Courts; Port Talbot Borough Council; Grimley J R Eve; and Northcliffe Newspapers.

  • Business planning role with companies in Europe, the Arabian Gulf and South Africa.

  • Two and a half year contract for National Power at Pembroke Power Station to carry out a full human resource skills analysis, identify training needs, implement a management training programme and introduce an effective management team structure.

  • Completed a strategic review for West Glamorgan Magistrates Courts and prepared a comprehensive business plan requiring a complete culture change towards empowerment, supported the development and training of 100 personnel. Changes enabled organisation to function while dominant chief executive was away for six months for a heart operation.

  • Co-founded the Intrad School of Executive Coaching, developed and delivered the ASEC Coach Certification Program.

  • Developed own training materials and established self help group for other management and organisation development specialists. Developed web site at

Associated directorships/entrepreneurial activities

  • Director and ?Transport Champion? of Birmingham Forward, representing Birmingham?s professional services community. Member of West Midlands Business Transport Group.

  • Following a consultancy project for FlydaMetro Limited, an engineering company developing an innovative public transport system, was appointed part time director, involving negotiations with investors from public, private and institutional sources. (1984-88)

  • Launched Brefi Press to publish books on transport policy and practice. Structured, edited, designed, produced and published books from authors' manuscripts.

  • Co-founded the Association of Publishers in Wales, partner in 'Books from Wales' book shop at Garden Festival Wales.

Non-executive Director and Chairman of Kennington Publishing Services Ltd

Co-founded the Landor Holdings group of companies in 1986, initially as commercial director and recently with non-executive and part time roles at group and company levels. Group turnover 4m. Titles included Local Transport Today, Transit, Parking Review, Urban Environment Today, Group Travel Organiser.

  • Negotiated sale of first title for 0.5m, representing four times original offer and twice accountant's valuation. Negotiated sale of further title to German publisher for 0.3m.

  • Established administration, accounts and subscriptions systems.

  • Specified and commissioned state of the art electronic page make-up system and network.

  • Project managed take-over, conversion and commissioning of office accommodation from factory space.

  • Currently leading conversion of the support services functions into an independent trading company.


Responsible to Chief Executive for organisation development across the group

Commissioned by Chief Executive to help prepare group companies for their five year vision, mission and values through organisation development and the training and development of world class leaders. Main activities with Process Engineering & Services division in UK and USA (approx. 90 days overseas p.a.) Responsible for corporate management development and corporate IT/communications.

  • Designed competence-based career structure covering first line managers through to group chief executive.

  • Designed and managed series of international 'future managers' programmes in UK, Canada and USA as part of a comprehensive cultural change programme.

  • Recruited senior directors and oversaw expansion of HR function in operating divisions.

  • Coached subsidiary company management teams and contract managers in UK and USA.

  • Developed strategy for global communications infrastructure involving e-mail, video conferencing and web site. Managed design and construction of comprehensive 160+ page corporate web site.

  • Member of Royal Marines Business Liaison Group, helping senior NCO's prepare for civilian employment.

Principal Engineer - Chief Assistant Transportation

Responsible for the recruitment and leadership of a team of five with a brief to develop public transport co-ordination policy from scratch, to establish the principles and administration for a public transport budget of �1.38m (1980 prices). Considerable public consultation and negotiations with nationalised and private bus companies, British Rail and other local authorities, bridging the cultural gap between government, public and private sectors. Member of the structure plan team.

  • Implemented market research programmes and travel studies. Created and introduced innovative cost effective transport initiatives. Developed advanced procedure for analysing local travel need and allocating resources effectively.

  • Awarded an international silver medal by the Chartered Institute of Transport for work on determining pubic transport need; also South Wales awards from Institutions of Civil Engineering and Municipal Engineering.

  • Selected by European Conference of Ministers of Transport to visit Spain and advise on regional school transport following the introduction, post-Franco, of democracy and regional government.

Senior consultant

Public transport specialist with this small consultancy undertaking the South Hampshire Transportation Study.

  • Total project responsibility for a multi-disciplinary team to investigate the feasibility of new and unconventional forms of public transport for the Greater London Council.

  • Developed specialised software to forecast public transport passenger flows (written in Algol).

Research Engineer & Systems Analyst

Head hunted from university to provide transport input to a government funded project to utilise a sophisticated radar computer - requiring the design, writing and commissioning of bespoke software to pin-point and display the exact location of buses on London Transport Route 11 so that inspectors could prevent buses travelling in bunches!