Andrew Halfacre – Coach and Trainer

Published author, trainer and coach, who helps others determine and achieve their personal and professional goals.

Andrew Halfacre - Brefi Group associate

Professional Background

Executive and life coaching


Project Management – Cultural Integration

Start your own business – author and trainer


First, Know What You Want – author

Coaching style

Andrew is a good listener with a passion for helping others achieve their personal and professional goals. He believes that any change work should be an enjoyable experience and creates a safe, supportive environment for people to explore what they want to achieve.

He is able to ask just the right question to enable people and teams to get a new perspective on old issues and is known for taking complex concepts and making them easy to use. He is a great storyteller and a challenging facilitator who will stimulate your thinking in creative ways.Background

Andrew worked in the utilities when they were still part of the civil service. During the privatisation of gas and electricity he became a project manager used to dealing with massive change and reorganisation. Following his growing interest in management coaching, he took voluntary redundancy to work full time as an executive coach.

Andrew specialises in helping people make the change from having a job to starting their own business, running over 30 workshops a year for clients like Vodafone, Mars, GSK etc.

Andrew is a business adviser at his local Enterprise Agency and remains passionate about about helping people get off to a good start.

An experienced management trainer, Andrew, uses experiential and accelerated learning techniques to make training both fun and effective. He has been writing professionally since 2003 and is the author of some of the most popular management guides available for immediate download from Brefi Group's resources section. His latest book First, Know What You Want is a practical guide to making up your mind.

Andrew holds an MBA and is a licensed trainer of NLP. He is married and lives in Essex with three daughters and an assortment of chickens.