Brefi Group's vision, mission and values

Brefi Group is committed to helping individuals and teams in organisations discover and achieve their potential.

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Brefi Group's skill is to bring structure and clarity to people's thinking. We have applied this for more than thirty years in the fields of policy, strategy, governance and organisation development.

When Slick Willie Sutton was asked why he robbed banks, his reply was simple. "I rob banks because that's where the money is."

At Brefi Group we choose to work with teams in organisations because that is where the leverage is.

Many years ago I was working with a company in Kentucky that had a very positive approach to people development. I visualised how what we were doing with the managers was rippling out to the staff, and from there it rippled into their families, and from there into their communities and thence across the United States of America.

The great thing about the soft skills that we teach is that powerful as they are in terms of improving performance at work, they are equally applicable in individuals' family and social lives – and they can be passed on by example.

We practice what we preach and have distilled our approach into a formal statement covering the three parts of our business. It is at the core of what we do; it provides focus and motivation.

Mission statement

Brefi Group


A world of work that enables individuals and teams to achieve their potential in a congruent and ethical manner.

Mission Statement

"Brefi Group helps individuals and teams in organisations discover and achieve their potential so that they can become more effective with less stress."

The Director Development Centre


Boards of directors providing strategic, moral and ethical leadership to transform the world's economy.

Mission Statement

"The Director Development Centre helps directors and boards become more effective by clarifying goals, improving communication and applying good corporate governance."

The School of Executive Coaching


A network of executive coach training schools across Asia, Africa and Arabia benchmarked against international standards and qualifications.

Mission Statement

"The School of Executive Coaching designs, delivers and licenses coach training programmes for managers who wish to improve their leadership style and for individuals who wish to qualify as professional coaches."

Brefi Group Beliefs and Values

Underpinning beliefs: –

  • Each and every individual and organisation has the potential to achieve more.
  • As individuals and organisations are aligned and discover their potential, corporate performance improves.
  • As individuals are aligned and discover their potential, they impact positively on the wider society.

We value: –

  • Learning and development. We role model learning and behave as co-learners when working with clients. We are committed to our own personal and professional development.
  • The practice and maintenance of high ethical and professional standards.
  • The individual's knowledge of their own business and available resources.
  • The bottom line impact of personal and professional development.
  • The well-being and performance of individuals at work, both separately and as members of teams.

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