Director Development

Directors and boards provide the leadership and role models for the rest of the organization.

Group Facilitation

Good governance requires boards to have effective processes and to evaluate their performance and appraise directors at least once a year.

Executive Coaching

The core process through which we deliver change, providing our own coaches or training in-house coaches.

Strategy Consultancy

Effective diagnosis followed by actions result in people and organisations managing themselves more effectively.

Corporate Training

Soft skills and management training programmes suitable for application in corporate and individual environments.

Coach Training

Programs designed to improve your leadership style or train you as a professional coach.

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Comprehensive integrated approach

With three decades studying corporate change and talent management internationally, we provide an integrated package of strategy consulting, executive coaching, facilitation and training of the highest quality.

We work for corporate organisations of all types and all sizes and in all sectors. We operate internationally in industry, business, the professions and public sector.

Each week we send a free newsletter, CorporateCoach, for senior executives and teams in organisations interested in using coaching to improve corporate performance.

Our independent consultants, trainers and coaches have exceptional credentials, with senior corporate experience - MBAs or equivalent management experience - and are trained in the psychology of change

We can help develop strategy, identify what's not working and why, improve communication and design processes to enable you and your organization to be more effective with less stress.

Our clients enjoy greater benefit by dealing with a single organisation providing teams of motivated professional consultants rather than one of the major management consultancies.

Enabling the process of change

Our objective is to provide clients with the right tools, attitudes and processes that will equip you to continually improve in the future without having to stay dependent on external expertise.

Change occurs naturally, as we help you clarify issues through a process of discovery, engagement and dialogue, enabling you to find your own answers and implement your own proposals.

Brefi Group

Brefi Group helps individuals and teams in organizations discover and achieve their potential, so they become more effective with less stress.



FREE newsletter for senior executives and teams in organisations interested in using coaching to improve corporate performance.

Directors e-course

FREE 26 week distance learning foundation programme covering new director needs, strategy planning and board processes.

Corporate Governance Report

FREE report on board performance evaluation and director appraisal, including directors' roles and responsibilities.